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Sykes SP50 electric submersible sludge pump delivers a maximum flow of 25l/s at a head of up to 27m. Constructed from cast aluminium with an iron vortex flow impeller and pump casing this robust pump weighs just 54Kg.

These pumps are ideal for wastewater handling and dewatering at all kinds of construction sites - from the smallest building project through to power stations, utility processes, manufacturing and wastewater industries. Their easy handling, small size and excellent capacity make them ideal for manhole emptying and bypass pumping, amongst many other uses. When equipment is out of commission or additional capacity is required, water utility companies use these units for forward pumping in their process and return pumping for RAS and other light sludges within their treatment process.

Fitted with 20m of cable and a 32A 4 pin appliance inlet, this pump is ready for plug and pump. The motor incorporates thermal sensors providing over-temperature protection if left running for prolonged periods with no water present.

Our sludge pumps require minimal maintenance providing trouble free pumping for months on end, meaning that for most applications the pumps do not need to be disturbed for the duration of the scheme. When used with a Sykes control panel the pumps can benefit from automatic level control and additional overload protection. Automatic control ensures the pumps only run when required reducing energy usage.

  • Cast Aluminium body
  • Cast Iron vortex impeller
  • High wear resistance
  • Highly reliable
  • No vibration - smooth running
  • Can run dry
  • Built in motor protection
  • 3” Discharge
  • Solids handling up to 44mm dia.
  • Standardized design for minimal service and maintenance
  • Light -weight materials for easier portability
  • Simple installation
  • High head and high volume versions
  • Plug and pump
  • Small size for access in to confined areas
  • 415V, 5.2kW motor
  • Low noise and no fumes
  • Max Head 27 metres
  • Max Flow 25 litres/sec.
  • Building site drainage and wastewater diversion
  • Effluent control
  • Clean and dirty water pumping
  • Tunnelling
  • Dirty and nuisance water pumping
  • Wastewater process systems
  • Industrial processes
  • Food, fruit and Vegetable preparation processes
  • Power Stations
  • Agriculture
  • Utility industries
(HxW)mm: 760 x 410
Motor Type
415 V (3-Phase)50Hz
Discharge Spigots
3” Bauer
Motor Rating (Kw)
Cable termination
32A 4 pin appliance inlet (plug)
Max power input (Kw)
Cable length
Running Current
11 Amps

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