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Pump Hire

The UK's leading pump hire company Over 160 years of pump rental expertise
Nationwide, 24/7 service for all applications Diesel, electric or hydraulic pump hire
Surface-mounted and submersible pumps Equipment suitable for any environment
Free site surveys available Full range of hoses and accessories
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Pump Hire

Sykes Pumps has more expertise in providing pump hire services than any other supplier. Our diverse range of pumps are used across many industries for ground dewatering, over-pumping and fluid movement applications. Our clients choose our 24/7/365 services for everything from a one-off pump hire to the design, installation and on-site management of complex schemes.

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The need to hire pumps can be driven by many factors but the key elements of the decision making process often involves balancing the convenience of hire against the capital cost of purchase and ownership. A good example of this is the water and wastewater sector which has many installed pumps and systems which require regular maintenance and which also, despite the maintenance regime, sometimes fail putting the process at risk.

In these circumstances intervention in the form of additional, or replacement, pumping is needed.

Obviously most businesses would prefer to keep contingency plans in-house and would probably see hire as an unnecessary cost but in most circumstances hire is actually cheaper than the cost of ownership.

Pumps are not a throwaway commodity and the initial purchase price reflects that. The level of expertise required to service and maintain pumps is not always readily available in organisations and, if it is, that expertise is normally gainfully employed in a full time role anyway! When the capital costs are added to wages, service vehicles, specialist tools as well as storage and distribution costs it quickly becomes more cost effective to hire pumps from a supplier who already has that expertise and is based in multiple convenient locations.

If a company does decide to hold a standby fleet there is also the risk that the closest pump available will be used in an emergency as opposed to the right pump for the job. This can increase fuel costs or put the process at risk.

Our Pumps

Our pump rental fleet is one of the most extensive available with diesel driven pumps (general purpose or fully bunded super silenced units), submersible pumps (including a range of Atex approved pumps for sewage), jetting pumps, air driven pumps, hydraulically driven pumps which includes our renowned Sweepax pump system and hard iron pumps for use in the most arduous conditions.

Our range comprises of:

General Purpose Pumps
Our GP range has been designed to provide users with hours of unattended operation in a multitude of scenarios.

Boasting sound measurement as low as 68dBA, our silenced units are perfectly suited to projects constrained by noise restrictions.

High Performance
Offering discharge heads of up to 190m and flow rates of up to 375 l/s, our High Performance pumps are ideal for specialist applications that include high pressure jetting, pipe flushing or even firefighting.

Suitable for a wide range of Bentonite applications, these hard-wearing models have been manufactured in the UK and have been purposefully designed for use in testing environments.

Submersible Drainage
Typically deployed in areas where dewatering is required, the Sykes submersible drainage range provides customers with variable capacities and easy handling in challenging applications that include quarries, mines and shipyards.

Submersible Wastewater
Featuring almost forty unique pumps, our submersible wastewater range offers cost-efficient pumping with flow rates up to 440 l/s.

Submersible Sludge
Manufactured with aluminium and stainless steel, these lightweight units have been purposefully designed for pumping fluids that contain a higher viscosity than water.

Hydraulic Submersibles
Comprised of both 100mm and 150mm models, our Hydraulic Submersibles are perfect for hazardous environments and even include an automatic shutdown system feature to maximise safety.

Air Pumps
Known as pneumatic pumps, these hardwearing air rental units are known for their exceptional reliability and capacity to operate dry without suffering any damage.

Environmental Equipment
The Sykes range of environmental pumping equipment has been designed for use in conjunction with our broad selection of pumps, guaranteeing customers are accommodated in any situation.


As well as Pump Hire we offer:

24/7 service

Expert installation and service

Fuel delivery and management

Free advice and site visits

Fast delivery

Complete package adapted to your needs, deadlines and budget

At Sykes Pumps, we guarantee our customers premium rental equipment that includes the latest technology whilst also complying with leading industry standards. With fast nationwide delivery 365 days a year, we also offer free site surveys and quotations in addition to recommendations on which equipment would best befit your application or process.

Widely recognised as market leaders, Sykes have been at the forefront of the pump industry for over 160 years - developing the expertise and commitment required to ensure that when a problem arises, we can provide the correct solution.

Our fleet is one of the most extensive available and with depots nationwide, all with the ability to deliver, maintain and install our equipment, you are never far away from the solution you need. A genuine nationwide presence allows us to guarantee round-the-clock support to customers located anywhere in the UK, offering four-hour delivery times when necessary.

We have pump specialists across the UK ready to advise on pumping solutions based on years of training and experience. They can offer tailored solutions to meet virtually every need, whether that be at the initial design stage or the installation and commissioning phase.


Where is my nearest depot?
Andrews Sykes has a nationwide network of depots and delivers across the UK. Click here to find their exact locations and the closest to you.

What is the basic information required to size a pump?
The amount and type of liquid to be pumped plus the height and distance it will be transported.

Which type of pump should I choose?
This depends on the liquid you are pumping and what the estimated Head and Flow requirements are, as well as what access and space is available (weights and dimensions shown on the web pages).

Do I need a power supply?
Diesel and Hydraulic pumps require fuel, whereas Electric Submersibles can be run off a suitable fixed power supply, or generator.

Can you tailor a pump hire package to suit my budget?
Yes, we offer free site surveys to determine the most efficient solution for clients.

Do you have an emergency out of hours service?
Yes, we guarantee a 24/7 emergency service by calling 0800 211 611.

What are your delivery times?
In emergency situations delivery can be made the same day. Our team is able to respond quickly and adapt to your needs.

How much does a pump rental package cost?
Our prices are dependent on a number of factors including the length of the hire period, the accessories required and the type of unit. To receive detailing on our prices please call us on 0800 211 611 or fill in out an online enquiry form.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
The simplest form of payment is by opening an account with us. To do this simply call us on 0800 211 611 and we can advise on the necessary documents to provide.

What services are included in the pump hire package?
At Sykes, our quotations take into account all services required as well as the pumps themselves, including: all piping, flanges, return transport costs, installation and set-up, maintenance throughout the hire period and damage waiver.

What is the minimum rental period?
Your hire period can be anything from a day to several months/years. The minimum billing period is one week and after that billing is set up on a day-by-day basis.