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The 250kW site container Boiler, provides a fast and effective solution to a wide range of applications requiring heat and hot water. These packaged boilers are housed in vandal proof sound and thermally insulated steel containers.

dimensions - 250kW site container Boiler (w/l/h) 1,310 X 2,030 X 1,780mm and weighs - 980kg

  • Oil or Natural Gas fired
  • 24/7 Boiler hire service nationwide
  • Immediate delivery
  • Full installation service
  • Seamless connection with your systems
  • 24/7 support and maintenance for all equipment on hire
  • Boilers from 10kW to multi megawatt packages
  • Emergency heat, including space heating of large areas
  • Ensuring uninterrupted boiler service during planned maintenance
  • Instant heat and hot water for locations and applications large or small
Nominal heating duty
250 kW 88300 btu
Fuel type
Gas Oil (natural gas burner available)
Power supply
240 V 1 ph N+E 50 Hz Run 10 A
Dimensions (L x W x H)
3000 x 2400 x 2600 mm (without)
Noise level (max)
45 dBA @ 10 metres
DHW connections (recirculation)
25 mm / 1" stortz connector
2,000 kg
Fuel consumption (max)
31 l/h
Automatic thermostat
Natural gas connection
32 mm / 11/4" BSP
Plug type
BS4343 16 A
DHW connections (flow / return)
50 mm / 2" stortz connector
Average power consumption
2.4 kW/h
LPHW connections (flow / return)
50 mm / 2" stortz connector

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