Blog2 January 2014

Tips to improve Dehumidification and accelerate drying after a flood

To help the thousands of people in the UK affected by floods who are uncertain how to effectively dry out their property safely, Andrews Dehumidification are pleased to provide the following tips:

Use a powerful industrial dehumidifier  – small domestic dehumidifiers sold by high street retailers are usually designed to keep a building dry, but do not always have the capacity to dry out a building affected by a flood.

Use a trusted supplier – ensure you choose a trusted supplier that has industry related accreditations and can provide a local service, unfortunately there are many unreliable suppliers in the flood damage business.

Hire rather than buy? – it is often financially beneficial and more convenient to hire a dehumidifier rather than purchase a unit, but once again ensure you choose a reputable supplier to ensure that the equipment delivered is safe and ready for operation.

Consider using fans and heaters – these can assist the drying process when used in conjunction with a dehumidifier, warm air holds more moisture and accelerates the drying process. Fans can help circulate the dry air and access difficult areas. Carpet dryers are also effective when drying flooring.

Keep the building sealed – windows and doors should be kept closed as much as possible whilst the dehumidification process is in operation.

Removing condensate – the moisture taken out of the air is referred to as condensate, this moisture needs to be collected into a container or removed from the room via a small drain tube.

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