Blog11 March 2022

Everything you need to know about accessories when hiring pumps

Sykes Pumps offers an extensive range of pumps for hire from its locations all around the UK. In addition to the pumps available for hire, it is important that they are supported by a comprehensive fleet of ancillaries to provide a genuine pumping solution capability across a wide range of applications.

Accessories should not be taken for granted as the quality and capability of the range are critical for effective solutions to support pumping applications. Some of the key accessories that we offer are highlighted below, providing safe, environmentally conscious solutions for customers in any scenario.

Hoses and Fittings

To ensure that a pumping system is operating effectively and efficiently, it is recommended that good quality hoses and fittings are utilised.  Pipe and hose diameters should be sized appropriately for the flow conditions to reduce friction losses and provide the optimum operating conditions.  The extent and type of fittings, such as bends, are also important considerations because of their potential for managing friction losses in a system.

Rubber wire armoured hose is normally used for suction pipework on general applications but can also be used for discharge runs. Layflat and poly hose should never be used on the suction side of the pump.

Most general pumping applications will utilise lever lock quick release type connections. The fittings are limited to a 6 bar working pressure, so flanged pipework should be used on any specialist pumps operating at higher generated heads exceeding this measurement (circa 60 metres).

Sykes Pumps’ experienced team of expert engineers can provide support in ensuring the optimum pipe size and configuration for any application.  We hold an extensive and comprehensive stock of quality hoses and pipes with a full range of related fittings for hire in both quick release and flanged connections.

Silt Away Units and Settlement Tanks

With an ever-increasing requirement for environmental protection, the Sykes Pumps fleet includes solutions that take any ecological impact into consideration. There is a growing need to ensure that any pump fluid from a site is screened for silt and solids to avoid contamination, which is where our range of settlement tanks comes in.

It is important to consider the flow into the settlement tank to ensure that incoming flows do not exceed the capacity and capability to discharge.

Sykes Pumps offer a range of settlement tanks for general applications that ensure that silt and fines are captured, guaranteeing a cleaner discharge. These are fitted with quick release fittings to simplify the set-up process on site. Lifting points also aid this process by facilitating precise placement.

We also offer clients our popular Silt Away unit, combining a larger volume capacity with enhanced separation capabilities. With a lamella platebox providing a greater settlement area, the Silt Away offers a higher volume of separation and ease of removal of solids captured.

Fuel Tanks

Stand-alone temporary fuel tanks provide diesel driven pumps and generators with a capability of running for longer periods, cutting refuelling requirements. This minimises the risk of spills during the refuelling process while reducing the need to access the equipment.

It is important to ensure that fuel lines from the engine to the fuel tank are protected from damage or tampering, while connections should also be routinely checked for leakages. Sykes Pumps can oversee this process and help implement the safest and most effective solution for your site. Additionally, the oil and water levels of diesel pumps should be checked daily.

We offer customers a wide selection of fuel tanks that have been specifically designed for use in environmentally sensitive applications. All tanks within our hire fleet are double bunded, guaranteeing our client complete protection even if internal leaks occur. A single unit is capable of offering customers capacities up to 3,000 litres, with every model in our range fully tested to ADR requirements for IBC standards.

Interceptor Drip Trays

Environmental authorities often insist on using these while working near waterways or when there is a risk of polluting groundwater – and the legislation is only becoming stricter.

Interceptor drip trays are the only proven systems available that allow rainwater to pass through while safely securing retained oil, fuel and other chemicals. Their highly effective design negates the need for filters or chemicals, giving you environmental protection throughout the entirety of a project.

Working on the principle that oil floats on water, the tray naturally separates the two by allowing the water to pass safely through the outlet hole. Even if pumps have a built-in interceptor drip tray, an additional full-length tray gives another layer of protection for extra peace of mind. The amount of oil and fuel retained in the tray is monitored by a gauge and, once full, can be removed by a licensed disposal company.

Sykes Pumps offer interceptor drip trays from each of our depots, with our local experts on hand to guide you towards the best course of action for eliminating the potential risks of contamination.

Road Ramps

Road ramps are deployed in scenarios where a run of hose needs to cross a roadway or pedestrian access. This simple solution enables vehicles to drive over the hose run without disrupting a pumping application or affecting other aspects of an operation.

It is important that road ramps are set up correctly on a level surface. When used in traffic areas, full signage and protection should be provided where appropriate. Your local Sykes Pumps depot will be able to discuss the most effective set-up for your application.

Capable of handling up to 22 tonnes, our heavy-duty road ramps are fully galvanised and weatherproof and can also be used to avert potential trip hazards in pedestrianised areas.

Control Panels

Our comprehensive range of control panels provides customers with the ultimate flexibility when managing their pumping applications. These proven accessories enable site operators to leave pumps running unattended for extensive periods, maintaining safety standards while reducing costs on electricity or fuel.

Sykes Pumps’ selection of control panels includes PLC panels, variable kW DOL panels, soft starters and variable speed drives – guaranteeing a solution for every project. In addition, level sensors provide an extra level of control for more advanced pumping solutions.

Our experts are constantly on hand to discuss the right solution for your application, with dozens of options available. Using soft start and variable speed drive panels to reduce start up current, for example, will reduce the size of a generator or load required on an existing supply. Utilising level control equipment and telemetry will allow the operator to remotely monitor a range of variables that could potentially affect pumping performance.