Case Study

Heater hire warms visitors at seasonal food and retail park

As winter approaches, those responsible for organising seasonal events must consider whether a source of temporary heating might be feasible or necessary. A simple heater hire arrangement may seem non-essential, but there is no doubt this is likely to be well-received by your staff and visitors.

Over the last few years, Andrews Heat for Hire has supplied one of the world’s first pop-up shopping and leisure facilities with some equipment to ensure conditions remain inviting for customers even when outdoor temperatures are low. Last month, we were once again contacted by the event’s management team and asked to provide a heating arrangement similar to the one that had worked so successfully on previous occasions.

Our client was looking to warm a specific area where guests could sit down to eat or drink, with holes deliberately cut into the wall of the enclosed temporary structure. Outside the building, we deployed two ID65 indirect fired oil heaters and a single Aurora FH111 unit, delivering a combined heating capacity of around 240kW.

Lengths of ducting were attached to each unit and fed through the holes at ground level, ensuring that significant quantities of warm air were constantly being circulated inside. Additionally, we also supplied three 1,000-litre bunded fuel tanks which were inconspicuously positioned around the back of the building alongside the three heaters.

The customer stipulated that all kit was discreetly located out of sight and this was something that we were able to accommodate without any issue. We also recommended that three fuel tanks were utilised as having a single tank would require frequent refilling.

By using thermostats on each heating unit, we have been able to maintain temperatures between the desired range of 21⁰C and 23C⁰. As with previous years, early indications are that the client is extremely happy with our heating hire package, which is set to remain in place until March 2021.

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