Blog25 August 2021

NHS trust turns to Andrews Ventilation ahead of mortuary upgrades

Inadequate ventilation is broadly considered to be the largest health, safety and well-being burden for mortuaries or funeral homes. If the number of air changes is insufficient, building occupants are likely to be exposed to dangerous and infectious pathogens released by cadavers retained inside.

There is, therefore, never a good time for a mortuary to upgrade their air handling systems but when such a need arises, providing a replacement ventilation arrangement is essential.

Last week, our experts were contacted by a prominent district hospital in Hampshire after the aforementioned situation came to fruition. The customer was looking to replace several air handling units inside their morgue, which was to remain in use throughout the time work was to be carried out.

After liaising with our regional technician, the client erected a temporary platform which was created to enable the deployment of a high capacity ventilation fan. With regular air changes considered non-negotiable and a solution required immediately, we proposed the use of a single FV900 fan.

The continuous nature of hospitals meant that there was no scope for interruption, prompting us to deliver our unit within a specific timeslot requested by the customer.

With the site improvements expected to take approximately one month, the healthcare trust has provisionally agreed to a four-week hire which can be extended if necessary. In the meantime, our stand-in equipment is performing to expectations and guaranteeing the safety of service attendants and other medical professionals working inside.

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