Blog26 September 2014

Andrews Heat for Hire assist Middlesex florist

During the winter months, flowers and plants struggle to retain their stored heat when night falls and the sun disappears. As the temperature drops, moisture in the air condenses before freezing on unprotected surfaces. When this happens, plants become immediately susceptible to perishing and wilting, rendering them valueless to florists and similar businesses.

So when a flower outlet in Twickenham began to experience this very issue, they contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in search of a practical solution. A brief consultation with a member of our contact centre allowed us devise a suitable heating system, and this was delivered on the same day of enquiry.

The customer required temporary units to be stationed within their greenhouse, so it was imperative that all equipment provided was small and portable. With this in mind, we recommended two DE25 electric fan heaters, which weigh just 11kg and suitable for most applications.

Together, the heaters prevented further cold snaps from damaging plants, which was the sole purpose of the project. Our client was therefore delighted with our immediate response, and our units remained in place until the weather improved.

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