Case Study

Kent spa suffers major boiler breakdown

A popular Kentish spa recently suffered a major boiler failure after four of their main units broke down on site during a busy day. This caused considerable issues at the resort and meant the availability of hot water was lost, affecting their swimming pools, jacuzzi facility and showers.

The management team at the well-known spa attempted to get permanent boiler replacements on the same day, which proved unsuccessful. They then contacted Andrews Boilers Hire for assistance as they needed to re-open the establishments for customers who had paid – meaning a stand-in solution was imperative.

Our experts arrived at the building within a few hours of enquiry, conducting a free site survey before deciding which unit would best suit the application. They settled on single 500kW boiler complete with a 300ltr tank and a 20kVA generator.

The boiler was situated in the courtyard area, with temporary hoses placed into their plant room and connected onto the existing pipework. This proved successful in heating up the calorifiers and allowed the hot water to be distributed throughout the spa.

Unfortunately, their boilers were initially down for a week before our team was contacted, which caused the company severe financial repercussions and meant they had to refund over 100 customers due to the area not being publicly accessible. Our replacement has prevented the issue from magnifying and allowed the entire facility to be functional as it was prior to the breakdown.

A hire Andrews boiler is currently in place and has proved very successful in addressing what was a very costly problem. In fact, our short-term unit worked so well that the customer opted to switch off their remaining two boiler units and run solely on the equipment we provided them.

The units are expected to stay at the establishment longer than was originally planned, with the customer since being informed that it will potentially take around six weeks for the permanent replacements to be available for installation.

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