Case Study

Dehumidifier package prevents power station from oxidising

When an independently owned and previously offline power station took the first steps towards recommissioning its facility, Andrews Dehumidification Hire were called in to help preserve their gas turbines.

The stations equipment was required to stay dry in order to prevent oxidising which would cost the customer thousands of pounds. Our specialists went to site to calculate the drying duty required, eventually proposing that our client hire five 110V DS40 Desiccant dehumidifiers – pairing each of the units to a gas turbine to maximise efficiency.

The temporary dehumidifiers were used to pump heated dry air with a relative humidity of 35% via temporary ducting through the turbines, protecting the equipment from corrosion and ensuring the client is ready to start up again at short notice.

The dehumidifier hire package worked perfectly once commissioned and is required to remain on site until the power station is back up and running.

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