Blog30 September 2021

Yorkshire university hires temporary heating and air quality control systems

After 18 months of social isolation and disruption to the education sector, we’re now seeing institutions across the country take action to ensure the wellbeing of students and lecturers. In recent days, there has been palpable excitement across the country as people returned to university campuses in record numbers.

While many students were permitted access to site at points during the previous year and a half, this academic semester will be the first time many have been able to interact with their peers and be taught in a communal environment.

There is often a fine balance between reverting to normality and maintaining a level of precaution but, fortunately, it is possible to tick both boxes.

In mid-September, we were contacted by the estates team of a well-known university in Yorkshire. Our client – who had used our services many times before – was looking to satisfy, what is for them, a routine heating requirement. But unlike in years gone by, the same customer was looking for some air quality control equipment that could sit inside two classrooms.

Six electric DE25 heaters were provided to address the temperature control issue, with our client familiar with their functionality and effectiveness from previous hires. Additionally, we also supplied two of our robust AC1600 Air Cleaners, which were fitted with lengths of ducting to help intercept particles and remove them from the air’s circulation.

Given that both types of unit are easily portable and offer instant plug-and-play installation, we helped the client tackle two separate problems within seconds of our equipment arriving on site. The expectation is that all kit will remain on hire until at least early 2022, by which point an upturn in temperature may allow windows and doors to be opened to enhance natural ventilation.

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