Blog18 August 2023

The positions we have played at football stadiums over the years

As we are coming towards the end of the Women’s World Cup 2023. The Andrews Sykes staff have been reminiscing over the past work we have serviced at many amazing football stadiums across the UK.

Over the past years, we have provided temporary solutions for many environments. We love our clients all the same – but as many engineers and specialists are football lovers – when we receive a job enquiry at a football stadium it creates a buzz around the depots.
Like the positions played on the field, we place our specialists at Andrews Sykes in the same positions when we are providing potential solutions for a client’s problem. Our team is treated like a football squad, ensuring the positions we play are to our advantage so we can score a goal or ensure our customers have an incredible save.

Here are some examples of the past positions we have played at different football stadiums.The Andrews Heat for Hire engineers played in defence at The Valley, the home of Charlton Athletic FC. As winter approaches the pitch can become frosty or icy making it harder for football players to play and train on. Charlton Athletic FC trusts Andrews Sykes engineers to provide reliable heaters that are large enough to warm the pitches essentially defending them against the cold elements. We are well known for providing temporary heaters to defrost football pitches with our broad range of heating units guarantees our clients a cost-effective solution to all temperature control issues. Keeping the defence strong we also provide an emergency service available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

As Tottenham Hotspurs are known for their excellent midfield players constructing the field. Before that could have happened, Andrews Sykes played our position as midfield by assisting with the construction of their newest stadium in 2019. At Andrews Sykes, we understand the implications of missing project deadlines and have 50 years of experience in supplying temporary heating to contractors. In this case, the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was a £1 billion project that needed to be completed on time. Building sites need to be operational all year round and this often means having to confront harsh weather and freezing conditions. As experts at providing portable heaters and drying units, we provided a strong midfield foundation to accommodate all the requirements.

When it comes to being a goalkeeper, Andrews Sykes is very familiar with the importance of this position. Goalkeepers are known for keeping the ball out of the goal net. Andrews Sykes goal was to help keep the country a little safer in 2020. As the world struggled to contain the coronavirus pandemic, an increase in presence of testing and vaccine centres fuelled public confidence and we were happy to help. One of the vaccine centres was based at Ashton Gate – the home of Bristol City – called on Andrews Heat for Hire to provide temporary heating solutions for marquees. In most cases, our indirect-fired heaters were taken off the bench, warmed up and deployed due to their aptitude for supplying large volumes of clean, warm air into the intended areas.

In attack positions, Andrews Sykes strikers contribute to the hospitality side of the football stadiums. Andrews Air Conditioning works with several sports clubs across the UK and is proud to play a part in enhancing the AFC Wimbledon corporate experience. Good feedback from customers such as Ivor Heller, Commercial Director of WRF Wimbledon once said: “We really appreciate a deal like this. We find it very useful that we have the air conditioning units to use on match days and other functions at the club and wish to thank Andrews for their continued support.” Positive “half time” feedback like this is really motivating to the team. We will continue to strike good deals with clients.