Blog17 June 2021

Sykes demonstrates commitment to clean air strategy by adding two more reduced emission pumps

As a progressive and forward-thinking company renowned for leading the way within our industry, we have always been on the front foot when it comes to minimising our environmental impact.

A global trend geared towards both businesses and individuals reducing their carbon footprints has led to many companies actively pursuing the greenest operating methods, and this is becoming more and more prevalent with every passing month.

At Sykes Pumps, we have always been committed to taking steps that cut our emission contribution and have retained this as a primary factor for consideration before embarking on any product development.

New Tier V regulations go one step further than previous European standards and now necessitate that all diesel engines of a certain size no longer produce any harmful emissions whatsoever.

With these directives in mind and with our clients keenly seeking pump hire solutions that comply with the latest guidelines, it is with great excitement that we can unveil two new solutions that are immediately available.

These pumps are variations of a popular 6” super silenced model already in our fleet, with two different units manufactured to accommodate distinctive customer requirements.

Although both units are Tier V compliant, one version has a more powerful engine to facilitate a higher pumping performance for applications where slightly enhanced specifications are needed.

The other model, known as the Super Wispaset 150 eco, incorporates a smaller and more economical engine to afford customers a fuel saving on projects that require a marginally lower pumping output.

Specifically designed for deployment on noise-sensitive environments, our latest super silent pumps are perfect for use near residential sites, on civil engineering projects, water and waste applications, hires to the utilities and for quarries.

Each unit is housed within a robust acoustic canopy featuring a reinforced bunded partition to eliminate the potential for hazardous oil spillages.

Chris Graham, Sales Director at Sykes Pumps, explained: “With an ever-widening emphasis on environmental compliance monitoring and an acknowledgement of the many side effects carbon dioxide emissions have on the availability of clean air, sea levels and natural habitats, to name just a few, it’s time for us to step up once again and introduce equipment that ticks all the boxes.

“We can now offer two new pumps to suit all situations, with efficiency, high performance, low sound output and safety being the key drivers behind their addition to our range.

“Given the inevitability of future emission targets becoming even stricter, we continue to proactively explore all technologies available to us to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation.”

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