Blog9 August 2021

Sykes conducts pipe flushing for new biomass heating system

The Government’s lauded Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has prompted many businesses to switch to more sustainable heat sources, with biomass allowing up to 90% of combusted fuel to be converted into useable heat. Effectively, fuel is fed into a boiler and burnt at high temperatures to product thermal energy, before being transferred to a heat exchanger which then provides heat for whichever process is required.

A growing demand for renewable energy has led to biomass systems being installed with much greater frequency than has previously been the case. Last month, Sykes Pumps was approached by a prominent energy solutions company ahead of them commissioning a new biomass plant in West Sussex.

This installation comprised of a great deal of pipework which had to be thoroughly flushed before the system could be deemed operationally sound. A temporary pump hire solution was therefore needed to help clear pipes of any dust, sand or other debris that could potentially cause malfunction, blockages or impurities further down the line.

Prior to recommending a pump, our local expert advised the customer on velocity and friction loss at various flushing points to ensure the correct course of action was taken. Following the conclusion of this assessment, we proposed a single HP100 jetting pump which was specifically introduced into our expansive fleet with this type of application in mind.

Given the nature of the job, our pump was only on site for a matter of days but fulfilled a crucial role in gaining the approval required to get the biomass system up and running.