Blog21 July 2014

Surrey home owners turn to Andrews Dehumidification hire – to help recover from major flooding

During the early part of the year parts of Surrey were severely affected by widespread flooding. Many home owners turned to Andrews Dehumidification hire for assistance, one such case involved the owners of a ground floor flat which had been heavily flooded. Emergency services had assisted by pumping out all the water, but the owner now had to find a drying solution to prevent the dampness causing further damage the walls and furnishing.

The proprietor contacted Andrews Sykes to receive a quick and careful solution. Following a visit to the property by one of our dehumidification experts, we provided three FD30 dehumidifiers, three ASF21 ventilation fans and three DE25 heater units. These were placed strategically throughout the property to ensure a rapid drying process. We also provided a specialist carpet dryer fan to assist in drying under the floor coverings.

Andrews Dehumidification Hire supply a wide range of drying products and special flood recovery packages for domestic properties, we also provide free expert advice. Our solution was very successful, the property was dried quickly allowing the residents to start the restoration process and return to normal life in the shortest possible length of time.

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