Blog14 August 2015

Scientists claim that air conditioners leave women cold

In the summer of 2014, Andrews Air Conditioning conducted a thorough survey that revealed approximately 80% of people are unhappy with their office temperature. Deeper analysis of the results suggested that women are twice as likely as men to feel cold – with scientific research now finally proving just why that is the case.

Scientists have discovered that indoor climate control systems have been designed to suit the metabolic rate of an average middle-aged man. This therefore means that women are likely to feel colder than their male counterparts at work with numerous units across the country overestimating people’s thermal comfort levels.

Many of today’s air conditioning standards are derived from studies conducted over fifty years ago, which benchmarked the resting metabolic rate of an 11-stone 40-year-old man. Experts say that the model used at the time may miscalculate the amount of heat generated by woman sitting still by as much as a third.

Fortunately, we at Andrews Air Conditioning have the means and resources to accommodate office environments comprised of broad demographics. Our portable and fixed units can be precisely controlled whenever required to maintain a comfortable temperature that keeps everyone happy under the same roof.

Unlike other suppliers, we have a genuine track record of delivering cooling solutions to office buildings across the UK and beyond. By understanding the implications unsettled staff could have on your productivity, our technicians are able propose viable remedies to temperature-related issues within hours of initial contact.

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