Blog10 March 2020

New road trailer boiler improves emergency response times

We are excited to introduce a new innovation that changes the temporary boiler landscape, providing customers with an instantly connectable lightweight unit mounted upon a high-speed trailer that can be towed by any medium sized vehicle.

Originally trialled in 2019, our newly developed Rapid Response Boiler received an excellent response among customers which prompted us to commit to a significant investment of additional units both in the UK and in Europe.

This unit has been specifically manufactured for boiler maintenance and facilities management companies, providing an immediate solution to emergencies including boiler failure and breakdown. The Rapid Response Boiler will generally sit within a maintenance company’s facility or yard in readiness for an urgent requirement and can be hitched to a small van or medium sized car for swift delivery to site.

By deploying the boiler in this way, our clients can restore their customer’s facility almost immediately with a heating capacity of up to 100kW. This also allows potentially lengthier requirements to be assessed until a longer-term solution can be established.

The product ensures there is no need for a dedicated delivery vehicle, the use of tachographs or perhaps most crucially, additional staff resources.

Our Rapid Response Boiler can be collected, attached and deployed by a single person, with its Storz couplings simplifying the connection process which enables the unit to be operational within minutes of arrival on site.

An internal fuel tank allows the unit to operate at full capacity continuously for up to 11 hours, making it the perfect solution for urgent heating and hot water applications where swift action is essential.

Commonly used by boiler maintenance companies, the Rapid Response unit has been designed for a range of environments including care homes, hospitals, schools, utilities, sports centres, factories and offices. The unit can be positioned almost anywhere due to its compact frame and moveable chassis.

Other features and benefits include:

– Lightweight towable from for instant response times

– Can operate for up to 11 hours via internal fuel tank

– Quick connection to existing pipework

– Compatible with standard 240V power supply for ease of use

– Compact and manoeuvrable design aiding transportation

– Simple installation for instant deployment

– High maximum working temperature of up to 80⁰C

– Excellent fuel efficiency for low running costs

Matt Stapley, Technical Director for HVAC, said: “Following discussions with clients and an extensive period of market research, it became obvious that there was a need for this kind of boiler solution – particularly among contractors and utilities companies.

“Our 100kW Rapid Response Boiler can be taken directly to site from a customer’s yard, towed into the desired location and connected to existing pipework without any need for external assistance.”

We are therefore delighted to pioneer a new boiler concept that upgrades our hire fleet and ensures we continue to lead the way with adaptable heating and hot water solutions.

For more information on our Rapid Response Boiler or to gain a better understanding of the scenarios for which its use has been intended, call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, click here for a full list of specifications and a product description.