Blog29 June 2022

Manufacturing plant maintains output thanks to ventilation hire

Earlier this month, a stricken client reported that their industrial facility’s plant room was constantly overheating, causing all four compressor packs on site to go offline and completely halt production.

The customer – a major account at Andrews Sykes – contacted us for advice shortly after, in the expectation that a solution could be offered quickly. In just two hours, our regional expert calculated the plant room’s required air changes, recommended the appropriate equipment and arranged for its delivery upon receipt of a purchase order.

Sensing the severity of the situation, our operations team arranged for a single FV1800 fan to be delivered to the location. The fan was positioned in the optimal spot to ensure its impact was maximised, allowing the problematic hot air to be drawn off at high level.

This solution in turn drew ambient air in through louvres within the building, preventing the continued build-up of heat to avert further complications on the production line.

Within an hour of the fan’s installation, the whole plant room was exhausted of excessive heat which meant the compressors have remained online for the entire period in which our kit has been on hire. Because of this, normal manufacturing targets have been met – to the combined delight and relief of the customer.

We have worked closely with this particular company for many years, and so had the benefit of understanding the parameters involved with proposing a temporary HVAC arrangement. And while having the equipment available and ready remains an essential component of what we do, there is simply no substitute for our knowledge and service!