Blog14 May 2019

London hotel purchases exhaust tube air conditioning units with summer fast approaching

With British hotels facing more competition than ever before, there is very much an onus on going the extra mile to keep customers happy. Many hotels in this country have not been designed with permanent air conditioning systems in mind so when summer strikes, proprietors endure a constant battle to keep visitors cool.

This was the situation one of our clients found themselves in after high temperatures left guest rooms and dining areas uncomfortably warm. The well-known hotel, based in London, sought a number of air conditioning units to ensure tourists and businesspeople were kept cool during their stay.

After discussing the requirements with one of our local experts, the hotel manager decided to purchase a total of fifty Polar Wind Style and Polar Breeze Style portable air conditioning units. These units were deliberately selected because of their instant operationality which is enabled by simple plug-and-play installation. Both models offer a cost-effective source of air conditioning and have a ‘sleep mode’ feature specifically designed to provide low noise cooling in scenarios where peace and quiet are desired.

The simplicity of this equipment allowed every single unit to be installed and functional on the morning of delivery, much to the relief of our client. Since purchasing the products, room interiors have been kept at a comfortable ambient temperature and completely eliminated the possibility of guests complaining about the hotel being too warm.

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