Blog20 July 2016

How to keep cool in bed – our tips!

After temperatures surpassed 32°C on the hottest day of the year this week, we noticed a number of people complaining that they were uncomfortably hot – particularly during the night. These grievances have appeared particularly prevalent on social media, despite the fact that summer had largely been disappointing until a few days ago!

Ideally, bedroom temperatures should be between 16-18°C, but maintaining this can be extremely difficult during a spell of hot weather. So what can people do to overcome the stuffy, humid conditions that often prevent them from sleeping? We take a look below:

1)      Cotton bedsheets

When a heatwave strikes, make sure your bed is covered with lightweight cotton sheets and not satin, silk or other materials. Cotton is the most “breathable” fabric and ensures ventilation is maximised, promoting airflow in your room.

2)      Open your loft

If your house has an attic or ceiling hatch, then open it before you go to sleep. This will enable rising hot air to escape to a higher part of your home – and the effect will be noticeable.

3)      Use a water bottle

During colder seasons, people regularly use a hot water bottle to warm their bed prior to entry. Using the same concept, why not put a water bottle in the freezer instead? This will create an improvised ice pack which will make your bed feel a lot cooler when you climb inside.

4)      Shower

A cold shower before sleeping will reduce your core body temperature but also free you of any perspiration!

5)      Disconnect electronics

This may appear unnecessary and in some cases, impractical, but un-plugging gadgets and appliances that produce heat (even when turned off) will eliminate one of the main internal contributors to high temperatures.

6)      Create a cross-breeze

Make sure all available windows are open and use a fan, or several fans, to encourage wind from outdoors to enter whilst forcing hot air outside.

Despite their obvious simplicity, the above methods can all play a part in improving comfort levels in a heatwave scenario. But if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, then why not give Andrews Air Conditioning Hire a call?

From exhaust tube and split-type units through to industrial-sized fans and evaporative coolers, our range of equipment is sufficiently broad to ensure we can cater for any type of project. For more information, speak to a member of our expert contact team today on 0800 211 611.