Blog28 June 2023

Crisis averted: Andrews Sykes tackles bitumen emergency

Andrews Sykes has never been a stranger to unique and time-sensitive challenges. Recently, we encountered a particularly pressing issue when a Manchester-based fuel quality and tank risk mitigation company found themselves in a dire emergency. A devastating fire had ravaged their bitumen plant, resulting in ruined supplies that needed immediate attention.

The first order of business was to swiftly eliminate the cold air bitumen from the silo to prevent any further complications. To tackle this daunting task, we devised a truly innovative approach. Our team recommended the utilisation of a 150 kW chiller, coupled with a 100 kW air handler and 600 mm of ducting, to create a controlled cooling environment. The ultimate goal was to reduce the temperature of the bitumen, causing it to solidify and become more manageable for extraction.


Given the urgency of the situation, we had a tight deadline of just two weeks to complete the operation. Adding to the complexity was the imposing height of the silo, which stood at 25 feet. However, through meticulous planning and flawless execution, our engineers successfully implemented the solution they had outlined earlier that day. Gradually, we managed to lower the temperature within the silo to a point where the bitumen solidified sufficiently for safe removal.

This ingenious approach not only showcased our unwavering commitment to finding effective solutions for our clients but also highlighted our ability to adapt and conquer unexpected challenges in the field. The ongoing installation of the chiller and air handler in Manchester provided a firsthand opportunity to witness the problem-solving capabilities of Andrews Sykes. By leveraging a combination of cutting-edge cooling equipment and expertly designed ducting, we triumphantly resolved the time-sensitive issue of removing spoiled bitumen, leaving our customer more than satisfied.

We to demonstrate our expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch solutions for our clients. No matter how unique or urgent the challenge may be, our team is always prepared to go above and beyond, leveraging our innovative equipment and extensive industry knowledge to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.