Blog18 October 2021

British kitchen manufacturer seeks ventilation for new warehouse fit-out

Andrews Sykes’ expertise in the field of ventilation has led to us working with big names from a whole host of industries, including a recent project involving a highly regarded kitchen retailer. On this occasion, the construction company responsible for the scheme required a dual purpose solution to aid the construction and design of their client’s newly acquired warehouse in the Midlands.

The first component of the development was to assist with the drying of concrete flooring. Without suitable mechanical ventilation, there was a significant risk that the concrete would retain moisture which could ultimately affect the integrity of the building’s base further down the line. To avoid this potentially disastrous scenario, four high capacity FV900 fans were deployed nearby to provide continuous air movement and allow the concrete to cure properly.

At the same time, M&E contractors were working on another part of the site and using diesel powered tools, lifting platforms and other devices as part of the installation process. A stand-in ventilation arrangement was therefore needed to address the presence of dangerous fumes and dilute harmful atmospheric contaminants to prevent tradesmen from inhaling them.

Another four FV900 fans were utilised – this time in extraction mode – with lengths of 40-metre ducting attached to capture pollutants and divert them outside the building itself. Given that the warehouse exceeded 90,000m³ in size, the use of ducting was essential to ensure that fumes produced in the centre of the building could be directed a sufficient distance away from where people were working.

This project is an excellent example of the flexibility offered by one of our most robust and popular ventilation fans, whilst simultaneously encapsulating the ‘can do’ attitude for which we are universally recognised.