Blog16 March 2023

Bigger, better, and beneficial for the environment: Introducing our newest drip tray

As a household name in our industry, the Sykes brand is exceptionally well-known for the vast range of pumps readily available in our hire fleet. In addition to this, we also pride ourselves on offering customers an unbeatable selection of accessories, which enable turnkey solutions to be adapted to the precise requirements of just about any project where sewage or water is involved.

With environmental factors now a critical consideration, we have noticed an unmistakable rise in the demand for drip trays to be used as part of a client’s pumping set-up.

No longer seen as a dispensable extra, drip trays have become an integral part of everyday installations. This trend, coupled with tightening environmental legislation, form the basis of our decision to introduce a new, pacesetting line of modern drip trays.

Benefits include:

  • Our new drip trays are 3m x 1.5m – larger than our previous versions, meaning they can accommodate pumps of between 2” and 8” in size.
  • Can accommodate IBCs of up to 2,000 litres.
  • Larger frame provides a greater capacity for liquid to be contained within, negating the need for the drip tray to be emptied as frequently.
  • Latest models feature defined slats instead of a mesh grid, ensuring a more stable platform on which to house pumps.
  • Contemporary design of the interceptor allows water to pass out of the drip tray while simultaneously retaining any fuel/oil present.
  • A slight level gauge informs customers when oil/fuel should be removed.

By deploying a drip tray, end users can prevent environmental damage, protect other equipment on site, comply with EPA regulations and other codes of practice, and minimise the risk of slip-related accidents.

Oil spillages can cause significant financial losses due to the cost of cleaning up the spill, and that’s without mentioning the expenditure associated with addressing any damage incurred to property. The clean-up process can involve enlisting the services of third parties, purchasing absorbent materials, and disposing of contaminated waste – all of which can amount to thousands of pounds. Additionally, the environmental impact of oil spills can result in fines and penalties from regulatory agencies, further increasing the cost.

To hire today, or to speak to one of our experts about the advantages of using drip trays, call us on 0800 211 611.