Blog16 January 2018

Andrews Sykes unveil new product guide

user manual icons

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce that our new HVAC pocket book has been printed and is now ready for distribution. The latest edition contains up-to-date information on all Andrews Sykes HVAC products as well as an increased range of specifications and information.

The user-friendly manuals have been modified for a more sleek and contemporary appearance, helping users navigate through the booklet with ease. It features all recently-launched products and accessories, including the HPAC 45 air conditioner and the IG 65 indirect gas fired heater.

As with previous editions, our product guide features diagrams and graphics to complement concise textual explanations, making it suitable for customers and employees alike across the country.

To receive a free copy of the new Andrews Sykes product guide, simply click here to fill out an enquiry form and we will post one to you straight away. Or, if you prefer, you can download a digital version by clicking here. For more information on our services, or general enquiries, call us today on 0800 211 611.