Blog12 May 2021

Andrews devises air quality solution for hotel’s communal areas

The very premise of a hotel is to cater for the comfort of your guests, which poses the question: why is air quality so widely overlooked in the hospitality industry? Facility managers play a vital role in delivering the exceptional experience a hotel promises to offer, and this includes ensuring that the building itself is operating at peak levels.

A common misconception is that air quality can be managed effectively by controlling the temperature and humidity. And although these aspects of climate control should always be taken into account, they will not address the presence of harmful contaminants that may be airborne inside your hotel.

In the UK, hotels are to reopen imminently which has led to estates teams scrambling around to ensure that conditions are safe and welcoming without being overbearing for guests.

A will to take action has prompted many hotels to request third party assistance with instilling what might be regarded as the perfect environment.

An Andrews expert was recently called out to a country inn located in Berkshire after the manager insisted that a mechanical ventilation system was installed to help boost airflows and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Our client’s main focus was to safeguard the front lobby and bar areas, which will be able to host diners and drinkers indoors from May 17th. It was decided that a two-pronged solution comprising of AP103 air purification units and ASF21 ventilation fans would fulfil a critical function, and without otherwise detracting from the experience of those staying at the hotel.

Serving two very different purposes, our combination of kit will deliver improved airflow while simultaneously removing any harmful bacteria that might be present in the atmosphere.

All units have been deployed unobtrusively around communal areas, enabling patrons to relax, eat and socialise without any hindrance whatsoever.