Blog12 February 2014

Andrews Dehumidifier Hire assists flood victims in Somerset

The Environment Agency warned last night that severe weather is likely to continue plaguing Somerset and the South West. Dozens of people have been rescued by emergency services in recent days, with Burrowbridge, Thornfalcon and Exeter among the worst affected areas. Andrews Sykes have been busy providing assistance to business owners within the vicinity, supplying dehumidifiers and building dryers throughout the region. The unprecedented level of flooding has left thousands without electricity and power, and the closure of roads engulfed by the water.

Andrews Dehumidifier Hire has an abundance of provisions and equipment available to cope with the flooding, with immediate delivery guaranteed. While several of our competitors have run out of stock, we at Andrews have sufficient supplies nationwide – even during the busiest periods. Our extensive product range features small units capable of drying modest-size retail properties or homes, as well as large industrial units better suited to factories or warehouses – like the HD500 model.

For more information contact your local Andrews experts by calling 0800 211 611, or e-mail us at [email protected]. We also offer specialist Flood Damage Hire Package aimed at drying and ventilating your building as quickly as possible. Click here to find out more.