Blog4 November 2019

Andrews Boilers provides solution for nursing home

Andrews Boilers was recently contacted by a West London nursing home, seeking the installation of a temporary boiler in order to supply domestic hot water to its premises. Serving as a means for its patients to continue with their daily activities, aspects such as bathing, cleaning and tending to other hygienic purposes were all of the highest importance – avoiding any potential issues that could impact the health of the residents.

Seeking a solution on a temporary basis, the client was stripping their pre-installed boiler and while they had already requested a replacement system, the unit on hire would serve the premises until its arrival. Providing Andrews Sykes with the details of the new unit, a specialist surveyor was sent to the nursing home in order to analyse and assess the premises as to ensure no conflict could take place for the installation of the temporary and replacement units.

Undergoing an extensive and thorough assessment, the specialist sought it best to recommend a 100kW packaged boiler supplied with 24 lengths of WRAS hosing, a single 3000 litre fuel tank and 50m of cable for a reliable source of power. The solution was to connect the unit to the existing domestic hot water circuit, ensuring the nursing home could remain operational, as well as having the benefit of minimal downtime thanks to its seamless connection and simple installation process.

Given the requirements of an assisted living environment, the decision to install the 100kW boiler holds a great deal of benefit in being discreet operationally – rated at 34dBA at a 10 metre distance and a relatively small footprint. The boiler was easily positioned in a discreet location to minimise any visual disturbances and avoid issues with vehicle access to the site.

“Where the health and comfort of those within the residence are of crucial importance, aspects such as noise and visual disturbance may cause a range of issues for their wellbeing, which is where the decision of this unit proved most beneficial.” Southern area sales manager, Andrews Sykes.

The unit was on hire for a duration of six weeks, with the replacement boiler successfully installed. As a first-time client, the nursing home was exceptionally pleased with the results, taking recommendation from a colleague who had done business with us in the past.

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