Blog17 August 2021

Air purifiers set to be installed in schools as part of Government trial

The Government is to trial the use of air purifiers and ultraviolet lights in schools as part of a £1.75m experiment aimed at reducing the transmission of Covid-19 in classrooms.

As part of their research, 30 primary schools in Bradford will participate in a temporary scheme that could be rolled out nationwide if successful.

Ten schools will be given high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, 10 will get UV purifiers and the remaining 10 will be used as a control group with no equipment.

Project leader Professor Mark Mon-Williams explained: “It’s a really promising technique which could be game-changing for keeping schools open, with regards to Covid.

“However, there is a desperate need that anything we do in schools is based on evidence.”

Nick Gibb MP, Schools Minister, was confident the measures would have an impact. He said: “Ventilation has been a key part of the guidance we’ve provided to schools about how to keep schools safe and to minimise the risk of transmission.

“We’re looking at air purifiers, that’s what the pilot in Bradford is about, we’re also looking at CO2 monitors to see whether that’s an effective way of helping schools to monitor the quality of the air in the schools.”

The announcement coincides with a recent study revealing that more than three million British children attend schools in areas where pollution levels exceed the World Health Organization’s limit.

With awareness growing and the many benefits of air quality control equipment finally being widely recognised, we have seen a significant amount of interest in our products as businesses and organisations actively seek to keep their people safe.

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