Blog21 July 2023

We put the icing on the cake for Glaswegian cake manufacturer

Indulging in a deliciously frosted cake is a true delight, but have you ever wondered what it takes to ensure those delectable treats are made to perfection? One vital ingredient in the recipe for success is maintaining the ideal temperature in the production facilities. Recently, Andrews Sykes had the privilege of providing air conditioning to one of the country’s largest cake manufacturers, based in Glasgow, Scotland. But how did we help keep the baking magic alive?

The issue

Every masterpiece requires the right conditions, and the frosting application area in the cake manufacturer’s facility posed a challenge. The temperature in this critical zone was too high, affecting the delicate process of applying icing onto cakes and confectionery. Moreover, the comfort of the dedicated staff was also at stake. A swift solution was needed to ensure that every cake would be a masterpiece and all members of staff could work in a pleasant environment.

The proposal

With a reputation for delivering effective cooling solutions, we assembled a tailored setup to address the manufacturer’s unique requirements. Our team deployed a powerful HPAC30 unit to bring down the overall temperature in the vast production area. Additionally, we strategically placed three ducted PAC22 units to direct chilled air towards areas where it was needed most.

The speed of response

Time was of the essence, and we understood the importance of reacting immediately. When contacted by the cake manufacturer, our team sprang into action, providing a rapid response to their initial enquiry. A complimentary site survey was swiftly conducted, allowing us to assess their needs accurately. Within the same day, we provided a comprehensive quote and air conditioning hire package tailored to their specific requirements.

The desired outcome

This project had an element of intrigue that makes it all the more interesting – put simply, without proper cooling, there would be no cake! The frosting application is a delicate art, and the right temperature is a vital ingredient in the process. Thanks to Andrews Sykes’ cooling solution, the magic of perfectly frosted cakes could continue, delighting taste buds across the nation.

We are honoured to contribute to the success of one of Scotland’s largest cake manufacturers. By providing efficient cooling solutions, we play a part in every delectable creation that brings joy to those who indulge in them! As we continue to serve various industries, we are proud to be a part of the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps the world turning, one chilled cake at a time.

Remember, the next time you savour a heavenly slice of cake, there’s a good chance that a touch of cooling magic went into making it just right!