Product Features

Versatile plug-and-play units for a range of environments

Simple maintenance procedures

Low power consumption for economical long-term use

Bespoke solution with advanced technology integration

Freestanding unit with swift installation and instant functionality

Effective removal of noxious gases, allergens and larger particles


The Andrews AP103 Air Purifier unit provides clean and safe air to a variety of indoor spaces by removing harmful contaminants and neutralising them inside a built-in reactor chamber. Incorporating core technology that has been tested against ozone release, hazardous gases and other volatile organic compounds, the unit will also effectively inactivate airborne bacteria and helps prevents the transmission of viruses.

The AP103 operates a two-tier filtration process, first air passes through a pre filter, a carbon filter and a HEPA filter, trapping dirty particles inside. The air is then guided through an oxidation chamber featuring UV-C lights, where all particles are neutralised without any by-products being released into the atmosphere. Its lightweight frame and small dimensions allow easy manoeuvrability and simple deployment in hospitals, offices, classrooms, restaurants and many other environments. This technologically advanced innovation consumes just 210W/h of power on average, providing a reliable supply of clean air with exceptionally low running costs.


Air Purifier Guide for Facilities Management
Air Purifier Guide for Healthcare


Air flow (max) 609m3/h
Typical area coverage 100m2
Power supply 230 V 1 ph 50 Hz Run 1.2 A
Plug type BS1363 230 V 13 A
Noise level (max) 49 dBA / 54 LWA @ 1 metre
Weight 38 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 320 x 320 x 1,570 mm
Pre-filter 2 x H13 HEPA & activated carbon filters
TiO2 Hexagon filters 70
UVC lamps 8
Control Digital
Average power consumption 210 W/h
Reactor/filter lifespan 6,000 hours

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