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As the country’s leading supplier of sophisticated pumping systems, we have over 160 years’ experience recommending and installing units to building and construction companies. Whether you need foundation drying, Bentonite pumping or general dewatering, our qualified technicians will help you overcome problems however large or small. We understand the intricate nature of construction sites and similar environments, which is why we act quickly to avert the damaging consequences of delays or other issues.

With a track record of working alongside construction firms, civil engineers and building contractors across the UK, you can trust us to guide you through all water-based difficulties quickly and efficiently. We regularly start with a free site survey before suggesting or deploying any equipment as our engineers are able to advise the best type of pump for your particular application. This procedure ensures a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements, because no two projects are the same.

Our extensive national network guarantees there are depots close to you irrespective of your location. Strategically placed throughout the country, we guarantee to have necessary resources readily available even during periods of peak demand. With a full range of equipment including hoses, piping and settlement tanks, our clients benefit from an immediate response to call-outs which helps keep your project on track.

Although we are adept in providing temporary systems for large construction programmes, we can also handle projects on a much smaller scale. Removing water from site or simply transferring vast quantities of liquid elsewhere are two of the more common practices required in a building environment. At Sykes Pumps, we pride ourselves on constantly providing a high level of service regardless of a job’s size.

Our lightweight units are ideal for construction applications because of their excellent manoeuvrability and manual handling. Dewatering pumps are suitable for continuous operation and have an inbuilt motor protection in case of dry running. We offer specialised pumps for a multitude of uses including moving wastewater, drainage or even mechanical processes.

As well as offering equipment and general advice before the start of the project, we also conduct routine maintenance on our units once they are on site to ensure they continue to function efficiently. This helps to avoid breakdowns at vital stages of a project, with all diesel pumps examined after every fortnight of hire. Our proven expertise demonstrated across a wide range of jobs is substantiated by the fact that companies regularly use Sykes Pumps on a repeat basis.

Major industrial developments - particularly those in coastal areas or along rivers - often require bespoke dewatering systems to allow work to take place. Temporary enclosures like cofferdams, for example, are constructed to allow a specific section of water to be effectively pumped out in order to facilitate engineering works. These are typically used for oil platform repairs or bridge maintenance and ultimately dismantled once the intended task is complete.

This is why we take careful steps to gain a better understanding of your engineering projects - it allows us to modify complete pump solutions in line with your specific requirements. We can accommodate over-pumping needs, general site dewatering and any other specialised process involving water transportation. As well as our fleet of diesel units we have electric units which are easy to deploy and can run without requiring maintenance for months at a time.

As a company, we are continually investing in the development of new innovations and equipment to ensure we stay one step ahead of our competitors. By being able to offer our customers the latest technology available on the market, we can help keep operating costs down as well as reduce our environmental impact. For more information on our products and services, or to book a free site survey at a time convenient to you, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Sykes Pumps help local council avert flooding
When local housing and shops suffered flooding following heavy rainfall in Essex, Sykes Pumps were approached and asked to help facilitate the construction of a new culvert. The client had plans for building a large culvert in the affected area, with the aim of allowing excess storm water to drain away from nearby residential and commercial properties. While works were taking place, our engineers were required to provide an immediate pumping solution to over-pump the excess [...]
Sykes Pumps help leading university with construction project
When one of West Sussex’s leading universities had plans to develop a new engineering and technological facility, Sykes Pumps was on hand to provide a temporary over-pumping solution to help facilitate the project. The scheme in question was taking place on a live university campus so required an immediate pump hire solution to assist with a sewer diversion while a section of the existing sewer mains was being replaced. After assessing the site, our specialists recommended [...]
Sykes Pumps aid major demolition project
Sykes general purpose range of pumps are naturally the first choice for an array of applications, handling everything from clean water to sludge and slurry. In this instance, the temporary pumps were being used for a major demolition project. The contractor overseeing the scheme contacted us in search of an immediate pumping hire solution after the building’s basement flooded with water during necessary excavation work. After assessing the site and considering the customer’s requirements, our specialists [...]
Sykes Pump Hire drafted in to assist with iconic redevelopment project
Before building contractors could begin the conversion of an internationally cherished landmark, Sykes Pumps were called to provide a pump hire solution to help cool down their machinery. The once crumbling Battersea power station, which was closed in 1983 and left uninhabitable for the past 50 years, is undergoing a major redevelopment. Once completed the site will provide office, retail and leisure space, as well as over 4,000 new homes. After taking into account the specific [...]
Sykes Pumps aid culvert repair in Lincolnshire
Following heavy rainfall in the north of England, a client contacted us seeking an emergency pump solution to facilitate the repair of a drainage tunnel that kept collapsing. Large volumes of storm water caused by torrential downpours were, therefore, unable to escape, meaning urgent action was required on our part. The customer had outsourced a renewal development to an external company, but in order for them to be in a position to mend the damaged culvert, [...]
Sewage diversion required for major construction scheme
One of the UK’s leading development companies recently required some overpumping assistance in order to simplify a major sewage diversion. Fortunately at Sykes Pumps, we had the necessary levels of expertise to handle the issue effectively and by doing so helped keep a multi-million pound assignment on schedule. The company in question was looking to overpump a main sewer line and subsequently needed constant flows exceeding 1000 litres per second. The waste system had to be [...]
Lancashire sewage network extended following Sykes Pumps’ intervention
The erosion of a river bank is likely to have both economic and safety consequences if not addressed quickly – particularly in a built-up area. So when the waterfront of a prominent Lancashire river began to wash away, there were fears it could interfere with nearby sewage lines. There was, therefore, an urgent requirement for a new sewer to be constructed and connected to the original network in order to complete a diversion. Sykes Pumps were [...]
Road construction scheme aided by Sykes Pumps
Renowned for tailoring solutions to suit customers in the construction sector, Sykes Pumps regularly work alongside the industry’s biggest contractors and provide arrangements designed to accelerate various types of projects. Requirements can range from bypassing existing systems right through to flood prevention programmes which, if not assessed accurately, can cause major delays costing both time and money. So when a road extension scheme in the Waterlooville area of Hampshire was being repeatedly disrupted by intermittent downpours, [...]
Sykes Pumps dewater site ahead of road construction scheme
As part of a major development in the Maidenhead area of Berkshire, local authorities have authorised the construction of a new road and bridge to help moderate vehicle traffic in the locality. Prior to work commencing, a large industrial site had only one access point which had gradually led to an increase in congestion during peak periods. This scheme also included the installation of a concrete culvert beneath the road surface, allowing an adequate passage for [...]
Sykes Pumps assist major archaeological dig
At Sykes Pumps, we regularly provide dewatering assistance to clients in the construction industry to ensure building or excavation projects can go ahead. So when the Museum of London Archaeology was looking to pinpoint an 1800-year-old city defence wall near St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, a temporary pump arrangement was sought. The construction company running the site contacted Sykes Pumps to come up with a solution which could be implemented quickly. This preceded a regional technician meeting with [...]
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