Notice to Shareholders


The Directors of Andrews Sykes Group plc (the “Company“) have been made aware that certain of the Company’s shareholders have received unsolicited calls from certain financial institutions, typically based in the USA, offering to buy their shares at a price that is significantly in excess of the current market price.

The Directors believe that the calls are the initial attempts of a scam (known as a ‘boiler room’ scam) and advise shareholders to be aware and cautious. Typically the next stage in the process is for the caller to ask interested shareholders to pay a deposit/fee (in order to secure the purchase of their shares) or to transfer the shares first (before payment is made for the shares).

In light of these calls, the Directors wish to clarify that 86.33% of the Company’s issued ordinary shares are ultimately controlled by the Ariane Trust and the Eden Trust (the “Trusts”) and held through HSBC Global Custody Nominees UK Limited (“HSBC Nominees“) and EOI Sykes Sarl. Neither the Trusts nor HBC Nominees nor EOI Sykes Sarl have disposed of any of their interests in the Company and have no current intention of doing so.

Shareholders who wish to deal in the shares of quoted companies should always seek advice from a financial adviser who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA“). Dealing with an unauthorised firm means you, as a shareholder, will not be eligible for compensation under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Next steps

If you receive any unsolicited calls or correspondence:-

  • Make sure you get the name of the person and organisation and make a record of any other information they give.
  • Check they are properly authorised by the FCA by visiting and contacting the firm using the details on the Financial Services Register.
  • Check whether they are on the FCA’s list of unauthorised overseas firms who are targeting (or have targeted) UK investors.
  • Report the matter to the FCA on its consumer helpline 0800 111 6768 or its online fraud reporting form (available at
  • If you have already paid money to share fraudsters, please contact Action Fraud on its consumer helpline 0300 123 2040 or its online fraud reporting tool (available at

For further guidance and to find out more, please go to