Striving for carbon neutrality

Our business model is driven by a need to operate sustainably, which is why we are constantly exploring newly available green technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. Andrews Sykes has always had a strong sense of social and environmental awareness – it’s good for the planet, for our customers and integral to our long-term success.

The company’s sustainability policy is based on four key elements:

  • Planning to prevent and reduce our environmental impact both immediately and going forward.
  • Ensuring compliance with all legislation and upgrading our range to pre-empt any changes in the guidelines.
  • Making adaptions to continually improve sustainability performance year-on-year.
  • Taking steps to effectively manage and communicate policies to key stakeholders, including customers and staff.

HVO Fuel

We’re proud to now offer Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – a completely renewable alternative to traditional diesel. This can be used in all oil heaters, non-electric boilers, and any diesel-driven pump in our hire fleet, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%.

Gaining accreditations

The International Organization for Standards has ratified the high standards we pride ourselves on by awarding us the ISO 14001 accreditation. This particular endorsement clarifies the best practices we undertake to reduce our environmental footprint by adopting effective environmental management systems.

A number of our depots have also been accredited to the FORS Silver standard, which outlines specific requirements in relation to vehicle fleet safety and emissions.

Each year we are audited by Reduce Carbon (CEMARS), where they review our data for all aspects of energy use within the business. These checks include the energy used to heat and cool our operational locations, the energy used to service and test our hire fleet, the energy used for business travel and the operating fuel used to deliver our product to customers. In doing this, we have demonstrated a continuous reduction in our carbon footprint since our base year of 2013.

A full list of our accreditation certificates can be viewed by clicking here.


We have been utilising telemetry systems for many years but have upgraded our remote monitoring equipment to allow customers to troubleshoot issues remotely, and thus negate the need to visit site.

This capability allows live feedback on key information including fuel levels and efficiency, eradicating unnecessary journeys, and saving energy as a result.

Float Level Control

Our pumping range can be stopped and started automatically using level control, which reduces fuel consumption on any project by running the engine or electric motor only when required.

Stage V engines

With Tier V regulations going one step further than previous European standards, it is critical that we remain on the front foot to ensure that any future products incorporating diesel engines of a certain size no longer produce any harmful emissions.

We have been very proactive in this regard, manufacturing new pumps that conform to these directives while retaining the excellent performance output typically associated with our equipment.

You can read more about our clean air strategy and efforts towards reducing harmful emissions by clicking here.

Electric products

Ever-fluctuating gas prices and perceived fuel scarcities have prompted many of our clients to seek electric boilers, heaters and pumps wherever possible – but this is something we have already been investing in for many years.

Our desire to offer a greener hire fleet has seen us explore the viability of electric technologies, paving the way for dozens of modern submersible pumps and even boilers with capacities of up to 80kW from a single unit.

Reduced paper use

Wholesale changes are being made to our internal operations to help tackle corporate paper consumption. It is now a company policy that all payslips are e-mailed to our employees rather than printed and posted, and this is just one example of the many adjustments we have made.

In a similar vein, the overwhelming majority of invoices and order confirmations are sent electronically.

From advocating that documents are printed on both sides to promoting recycling within our buildings, it’s fair to say we are taking some obvious but important steps to eliminate wastage.


Is Andrews Sykes a greening business?

Absolutely! Greening companies are universally accepted as being those that are undertaking initiatives to address their environmental impact – something we are doing every single day.

Why is sustainability important?

Because, ultimately, it helps improve everyone’s quality of life. In our case, sustainability is a critical business approach that forms a significant area for consideration in terms of our own longevity.

Why should we consider using your services?

As well as our unrivalled heritage, we have demonstrated a genuine desire to channel our environmental obligations by manufacturing products that comfortably exceed strict modern-day legislation.

What are the main objectives of your sustainability efforts?

In simple terms, we continuously analyse the effects our operations have on the environment and respond by taking steps to optimise the many resources available to us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eradicate waste, consume renewable energies and use sustainable materials where possible.

Rapid delivery

Once an order has been received, our dedicated team work quickly to ensure arrangements are made to have your fuel delivered within the agreed timeline.

Nationwide coverage

Unlike other companies operating in our field, we are proud to have the depth of resources necessary to handle the requirements of customers irrespective of their whereabouts. Our strategically placed network of depots enables us to reach your site or premises anywhere in the UK.

Site surveys

In order to gain a better understanding of the nature of your project, we recommend that a regional engineer visits your location to ensure individual needs are accommodated and agreed at the first time of asking.

Quality control

As a company, we are proud to supply clients with the market’s most environmentally friendly technology which includes features to help avoid leakages and other associated hazards.

24-hour service

Our unique 24-hour coverage instils peace of mind among customers and means that even if something goes wrong in the middle of the night, we will be on hand to assist.

Widely accredited

By taking international environmental and safety standards seriously, we have cultivated a reputation for exceeding legislative requirements by passing independent audits.

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