Humidifier Hire

Printing works

The increasingly competitive nature of the print market has necessitated that companies working in this industry maximise product quality and output in order to stand out. At Andrews, we strive to provide our customers with practical and cost-effective rental solutions designed to suit the specific needs of the print sector.


Having worked with print firms on countless of occasions, we understand the complexities of this niche market and how best to accommodate them. Our familiarity with environmental control has enabled many printing companies to flourish in the face of testing situations brought about by low relative humidity.

Our expert engineers are located across the country and are ready to provide guidance on the best way for you to overcome challenges related to the air’s moisture content. The importance of a well-balanced environment cannot be understated as it allows printing companies to consistently deliver products to the high standards your customers expect.

Although the final print quality can be drastically affected by low levels of humidity, it is also worth considering how printing presses and other machinery can also be impacted. We can help you avoid any costly malfunctions, protect your production line and prevent wastage by simply devising a humidifier hire arrangement that suits your factory.


The hygroscopic nature of paper means that it naturally loses moisture rapidly when exposed to dry air. Because of this, sheet and web roll paper are generally produced in an environment where the relative humidity is approximately 50%. Where water-based inks are used, a relative humidity of between 55-60% should be maintained to ensure the product’s integrity.

When humidity drops below 50%, paper will lose water to the atmosphere which will cause imperfections including a loss of shape. If RH is below 40%, the friction created by pieces of paper coming in to contact with one another will generate electrostatic charges. Static build-up can cause surfaces to blemish and attract dust, altering the condition of your printing before it has even left the factory.

With such intricacies constantly at play, it is vital that you seek the advice of a humidifier hire specialist. Our expert engineers can devise an appropriate solution for your application and avert the inevitable reduction in productivity that low levels of humidity will cause.


When the air is dry, printing presses are much more susceptible to jamming as fibres in the paper passing through do not store sufficient moisture. Additionally, low relative humidity can affect the interaction between the ink and the press, or the press and the paper, potentially obstructing the machinery and causing a breakdown.

In many cases, the use of evaporative coolers will complement humidifier units to not only control humidity but also supply cool air. This configuration will help keep the air’s moisture content at a level conducive to maximising the output of your printing operation.

Our range of humidifier hire units has been designed to safeguard environmentally sensitive applications including print works, so you can rely on us to help you. Each unit has its own distinct benefits, with low power consumption, incredible portability and quiet functionality guaranteed. To discuss how we can assist you in more detail, call us today on 0800 211 611.

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