Humidifier Hire

Museums and art galleries

Maintaining relative humidity at the correct level is a fundamental requirement of any environment where priceless and sensitive artefacts are displayed. As the UK’s largest provider of temporary humidification hire services, we are ideally positioned to devise solutions for both short and long-term requirements where low relative humidity could potentially damage historical pieces.


We understand the impact that dry air and low relative humidity can have on paintings, sculptures and relics, which is why we have been entrusted with maintaining desirable conditions in some of the world’s most famous museums and art galleries. For decades, we have been implementing economical humidifier hire arrangements to protect precious articles and prevent avoidable deterioration.

By deploying portable humidifier units inside your premises, you can avoid the contents of your gallery or museum suffering irreversible damage. The stability of the surrounding environment is a critical yet often disregarded factor in the conservation of art and requires both temperature and humidity to be closely controlled. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity caused by external factors, such as the weather or the number of visitors, are common issues and must be taken into consideration prior to the implementation of any climate control system.


Low relative humidity levels can be extremely detrimental to items displayed inside your museum, with different materials reacting in different ways. Careful humidity control will greatly reduce the likelihood of canvas paintings, metallic frames and wooden ornaments suffering disfigurement. The optimum level of humidity varies depending on the objects in question, so it is important that similar pieces are showcased together to allow microclimates to be created.

For this reason, it is vital that your museum is thoroughly assessed by an experienced technician with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s unique requirements. Our professional technicians act quickly to restore relative humidity to between 45-65% – which is widely accepted as being the ideal range.

It goes without saying that museums must control the environment surrounding their exhibits around the clock, with temperature and relative humidity both likely to regularly fluctuate depending on other factors. Your humidifier hire units must be strategically placed within your facility to maximise their impact, and this is something our engineers will advise on.


According to scientific research, the daily fluctuation of relative humidity inside an art gallery should not exceed -/+3%. This finite range is indicative of the lack of room for error that exists when displaying art collections that are so susceptible to impairment.

At Andrews, we have an excellent reputation for delivering effective humidifier hire solutions that take into account the presence of existing climate control, average number of visitors, the materials on show, and just about every variable that requires consideration.

When relative humidity threatens to affect your gallery, we react instantly to restore the ideal conditions. We acknowledge the importance of business continuity and the implications of disruption, which is why we promise quick intervention. By offering the most energy efficient humidifier units on the market, we can provide your estates team or facilities manager with the peace of mind that any issue can be addressed correctly at the first time of asking.

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