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Hospitals and healthcare

Climate control plays a significant part in ensuring the overall comfort of patients who have been admitted to hospital, and this includes maintaining the correct level of relative humidity. Accurately monitoring the air’s moisture content can help people avoid developing headaches, sore throats, itchy skin and countless other complaints. Excessively dry environments can also be detrimental to the storage of delicate pharmaceutical products.


No other provider of temporary humidifier hire solutions can claim to match our experience and understanding of the healthcare sector. We are renowned for our ability to devise and implement tailored humidification systems and are frequently relied upon by hospitals, health centres and surgeries across the UK.

Scientific research has shown that dry air can directly lead to the transmission of airborne viruses including the common cold, with the lifespan of these infections greatly increased when RH is low.
With our comprehensive range of units for rent, we guarantee clients cost-effective air humidification and immediate response times when emergencies arise. Thanks to our nationwide depot network, we can have equipment on site within four hours of your call regardless of your location.


The role that relative humidity can play within a healthcare application is becoming more commonly recognised and there are numerous reasons for a hospital’s estates team to require our assistance. Dry air naturally collects moisture from all possible sources, including membranes in the nose and throat that are designed to stave off infection.

Low humidity will weaken the body’s immune system and put vulnerable people at further risk. Babies are also particularly sensitive to dry atmospheres, which is why maternity wards should always be kept above 50% RH.

The World Health Organisation indicates that pharmaceutical storage applications should be kept at 60% relative humidity to guarantee the effectiveness of medication once prescribed. Implications of a poorly controlled environment include destabilisation of drugs contained and oxidative degradation, but these problems will only be uncovered once it’s too late. A temporary humidifier hire is the best way to ensure that pharmaceuticals are maintained and stored safely, and this is something we can assist you with.


With patient welfare your primary concern, it is important that you consider the potential cause and effects of electrostatic shock. The presence of digital integration systems, clinical lights, condition monitoring hardware and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) inside an operating theatre mean that there is a greater potential for static discharge to build up when compared to many other parts of a hospital.

For this reason, a practical humidifier hire may be an essential requirement to ensure the air’s moisture content is above 50%. The uncomfortable jolts caused by a sudden static release can be extremely harmful to someone undergoing surgery and affect the overall procedure.

We understand the special requirements of your vital sector and have demonstrated an aptitude for supplying tailored humidification solutions in both planned and emergency scenarios. All Andrews equipment is fully serviced and cleaned prior to its arrival on site, with safety and hygiene our number one consideration with every project we undertake.

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