Humidifier Hire

Facilities Management

As experts in the provision of portable humidifier hire solutions to the facilities management industry, we have developed a comprehensive range of units to deliver economical humidity control to suit all your client’s applications. From offices and retail to healthcare facilities and public buildings, we have direct experience of providing climate control equipment to customers working in virtually every sector.


Our position as the country’s most established specialist hire company means we are adept in assisting customers with both planned and emergency humidity control. This unrivalled know-how allows us to provide you with bespoke humidifier arrangements and even manage them on your client’s behalf. By including this as part of our service, we are able to communicate directly with your customer, guaranteeing that any hire runs smoothly from start to finish.

We recognise that effective climate control is an essential component of your responsibilities, which is why we act immediately should you encounter an issue. Our modern and cost-effective humidifier units have been designed with efficiency in mind, so you can be confident our hire fleet satisfies any requirement that you could possibly have.

Our expert engineers can even conduct a free site survey ahead of any potential project, ensuring we identify the correct humidifier unit(s) for your application. This process allows us to deliver cost estimates in addition to a detailed risk assessment and method statement. With more than 25 depots located across the UK, we can always be relied upon to uphold a same-day delivery guarantee – even to customers in remote areas.


As a facilities manager, you are obligated to ensure that your clients can go about their normal daily business completely uninhibited. When low relative humidity threatens to cause disruption, it is critical that you act quickly to prevent the development of bigger issues.

We guarantee an immediate response to our FM clients, whether you require supplementary equipment to work alongside your existing humidifiers or a completely standalone solution. By constantly maintaining our expansive fleet of humidifier hire units, you can be confident in our ability to protect employees, critical equipment and sensitive products.

In the FM industry in particular, a company’s reputation is derived almost entirely from the successful operations of its clients. If the business continuity of your client is threatened, we react instantly to ensure any humidity-related issue is tackled as soon as it is brought to our attention. For more information on how we can protect your customers from the impact of low relative humidity, give us a call today on 0800 611 211. We can propose a temporary hire arrangement over the phone based on the specifications and details that you provide.


If you have an upcoming humidification requirement that you’re already aware of, we can help you prepare for it. By bringing a potential project to our attention in advance, our engineers can devise a bespoke solution that takes into consideration any variable that could affect the level of relative humidity. These include the presence of an air conditioning system, building occupancy, ventilation and air movement, and countless other factors.

We can also provide a temporary solution in situations where existing humidifier units need to undergo routine planned preventative maintenance. In such situations, we will deliver stand-in equipment to replace your units and avoid any downtime that could be caused by your humidifiers being completely decommissioned.

Whether you require a humidification rental for a one-off occasion or a series of planned events, we have the depth of resources and range of equipment to handle demand on any scale. To discuss our services in more detail and find out how we can assist you, get in contact with us today.

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