Humidifier Hire


As experts in the provision of temporary humidifier hire solutions for broadcasting applications, Andrews has direct experience working with radio stations, television production companies and other media networks. Controlling relative humidity within these environmentally sensitive surroundings will help avoid interrupted transmissions and ensure your programme schedule is unaffected by a dry atmosphere.


As the country’s leading specialist hire company, we continue to lead the way in designing tailored humidifier rental packages to suit the unique needs of customers operating in the broadcasting sector. We have cultivated an excellent reputation for implementing cost-effective humidification solutions to help address the possibility of a dry environment impeding the functionality of satellites, transmitters, audio processors, speakers and other critical hardware.

Genuine industry expertise is combined with a nationwide presence and modern humidifier hire to ensure we can accommodate the requirements of all clients. Whether you require supplementary humidification to support an existing system or standalone units intended to perform independently, our UK-wide coverage guarantees that we can provide your equipment within four hours of receiving an enquiry.

We recommend that your broadcasting setting is thoroughly assessed by one of our regional engineers, with this free service enabling us to propose the best solution for you.


Broadcasting equipment is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity, which is why constantly monitoring your internal conditions is of such importance. The signal strength of a radio wave, for example, is inversely proportional to the humidity percentage of the air. Failure to satisfy this delicate balance will see electronic equipment damaged and cause signals to diffract, reflect and scatter – drastically affecting the quality of your show.

Deploying our economical humidifier hire units within a studio or control room will help prevent potential interruptions and protect the lifespan of all hardware contained within. We are familiar with the implications of low relative humidity which is why we react instantly to eliminate the possibility of delays and breakdowns.

Excessive moisture content in the air could be enough to disrupt a planned schedule if your equipment is not safeguarded both during and after use. We have an extensive track record of supplying international broadcasters with our market-leading humidifier units, which is why we are frequently entrusted with implementing solutions even at short notice.


The use of temporary humidifier rental units can be an extremely effective way of eliminating static build-up in broadcasting facilities. In order to safely guard against electrostatic discharge causing problems within your application, you must ensure that relative humidity is above 45%. Static electricity will form at a reduced level between 45-55%, but this can be avoided completely by keeping RH above 55%.

While the ideal conditions for a TV studio or film set remain the same across the board, each application requires its own bespoke solution. To ensure your requirement is correctly assessed, one of our local engineers will conduct a site survey to ascertain the many variables that dictate how many units you require. The size of the area requiring moisture control is a critical factor, with other factors also meriting attention.

As the UK’s more reliable provider of humidifier hire equipment, we pride ourselves on delivering practical solutions within as quick a turnaround time as possible. Our knowledge of the TV and film industry is underpinned by years of experience and allows us to offer customised air humidification packages to fit any situation or budget. To discuss how we can assist you today, call us now on 0800 211 611.

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