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For a limited time only, we are delighted to offer customers a discounted rate on all party heater and event heater hires lasting up to one week:

From £95 per week
From £150 per week
  • One ID35 indirect fired oil heater unit
  • A full tank of fuel (approx. 10 hours of running time)
  • A ducting length of up to 8 metres
  • Delivery
  • Collection
  • Installation
  • One ID65 indirect fired oil heater unit
  • A full 90 litre fuel buggy
    (approx. 17 hours of running time)
  • A ducting length of up to 8 metres
  • Delivery
  • Collection
  • Installation

ID35 Package price £269.00 + VAT per week (or weekend)

ID65 Package price £399 + VAT per week (or weekend)

Unit Weekly rate (excl VAT)
ID35 £95
Silver ducting £6
Full tank of fuel £48
Delivery £60
Collection £60
Unit Weekly rate (excl VAT)
ID65 £150
Silver ducting £6
Fuel buggy c/w 90 litres fuel £123
Delivery £60
Collection £60

Terms and Conditions

Offer price excludes VAT at 20%.

We may change our published rates at any time with or without notice.

Special offers will always be subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time with or without notice.

All units are offered for hire in line with the Andrews Sykes general conditions of sale or hire.

Deposits may be required in advance and full payment must be received prior to delivery.

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Before inviting guests or visitors to your event, it is vitally important that any marquee or tent has been heated thoroughly to ensure it is of a reasonable temperature. This will ensure people are comfortable upon arrival and feel the benefit of warmth immediately. You should also:

  • Use a heating unit with a powerful fan – a feature of all Andrews models
  • Test your heater hire equipment the day before it is needed
  • Where possible, direct your tent heater towards the entrance

Do not:

  • Use a halogen heater or infra-red unit without a fan. These do not offer air flow, particularly for larger spaces
  • Use a direct-fired heater of any kind
  • Have any objects touching or close to your heater

Indirect fired heaters are perfectly suited to marquees and have been designed for deployment in indoor areas where there is limited ventilation. All units within our heater hire fleet deliver huge volumes of dry, safe and fume-free hot air and have been tested in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Calculations to determine the correct size of Andrews portable heaters to use are shown below.

Determine the temperature rise required inside the space to be heated in °C.

Find the volume of the space in cubic metres (i.e. L x W x H in metres).

Use the below formula as a basis for calculating the amount of heat required:

Temperature rise* °C x volume in m³ x 4 x 4 = Btu**/h

*Temperature rise is the difference between the current and desired temperature

**Divide Btu by 3412 to obtain the correct kW for electric heaters

You can access our calculator by clicking here.

What type of heater is most appropriate for me?
We recommend that you call us on 0800 211 611 so we can help calculate the type and capacity of unit required based on your tent, marquee or gazebo’s specifications. You can also use our Heater Calculator to get an idea of which product might be most suited to your environment.

Do you have an emergency out-of-hours service?
Yes, you can contact us in an emergency at any time on 0800 211 611.

How fast can you get the heaters to me?
We deliver to all locations nationwide within four hours of contact.

What payment methods do you accept?
The easiest way to pay is with our credit account facility. Opening an account with us is simple, just give us a call on 0800 211 611. We also accept company payment/purchase cards.

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