Heater Hire

TV & Film

With an unrivalled track record providing companies in the TV and film sector with temporary heating solutions, Andrews Heat for Hire have an expansive product range which covers our clients in any scenario. Our experience working alongside major TV production teams and film studios gives us an excellent understanding of the challenges you may face - and crucially, how best to overcome them.

Our experience

As the UK’s foremost specialist hire company, we pride ourselves on having the most expansive range of heating units available for rental across the entire country. For years, we have worked alongside organisations within the entertainment industry keeping actors and casting crew warm while on set. During this time, we have also made a concerted effort to constantly update our fleet of equipment to ensure our customers benefit from the latest technology available on the market.

With highly trained engineers based at depots nationwide, we are able to deliver simple or complex solutions based on expertise accrued while working in a production environment. Prior to installing any short-term heating system on your premises, our proficient engineers analyse all options presented to them before deciding on the best course of action.

Whether you require technical advice or a standalone hire package for an unspecified period of time, Andrews Heat for Hire can accommodate your needs. From small, portable electric models right through to a high capacity range, we have the breadth of resources to suit projects on any conceivable scale.

Film sets

When low temperatures threaten to affect the comfort of people working on set, a transient heating system generally represents the most suitable response. Our quick turnaround pledge means that we ensure equipment is delivered and installed within four hours of preliminary contact. Close control features allow conditions to be quickly altered in line with your requirements, with even our modest sized units capable of delivering large volumes of safe, warm air.

A cold snap has the potential to slow down filming if cast members and camera staff are subjected to unfavourable settings. We appreciate that adhering to schedule is absolutely imperative in your sector especially, so we move quickly to minimise the potential effects of climatic factors. Unlike many of our competitors, Andrews Heat for Hire have worked on countless high-profile sets and as such have facilitated the efficient capturing of countless well-known pictures.

This regular involvement has allowed us to gauge a strong understanding of your needs, which in turn enables us to guarantee we provide the correct solution first time, every time. The efficacy of our products and knowledge of these unique applications is substantiated by an ever-growing client base that calls upon our services on a regular basis.

Outdoor locations

Keeping outdoor settings warm – particularly on a large scale – can be extremely difficult if the right equipment is not utilised. There are a number of logistical variables to consider, not least the availability of a suitable power supply, and this is something that can be taken for granted despite its importance. At Andrews Heat for Hire, we can provide generators to power our heating units, ensuring our clients are covered even in remote filming locations.

We also offer our clients a full range of accessories, including thermostats, fuel tanks, ducting and diffusers, which underlines our ability to implement solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our reliable products afford the user cost-effective operation while generating a constant source of warm, dry air.

Whether you seek immediate assistance or are simply planning for an upcoming requirement, our technicians will help settle upon the best response for you. We recognise that customers pursue value for money, which is why our experts always steer you towards the most economical solution available. For further information on our extensive hire fleet or to learn how we can support your process, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Case studies

Our range

Electric Heaters

Designed for shops, offices, schools, and hospitals, our electric heaters provide safe, fume-free warmth without exhaust gases, smells or vapours

Indirect Fired Oil Heaters

These units deliver huge volumes of clean heat and are perfect for places where ventilation is limited or where people are present

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

Indirect fired gas heaters provide clean, dry heat safely and economically and are an ideal solution for places where there is limited ventilation

High Capacity Heaters

Developed to work reliably whilst unattended for long periods of time, our high capacity units can withstand the rigours of the most arduous applications

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

These units can only be used where there is plenty of natural ventilation including garages, workshops and agricultural environments

Direct Fired Oil Heaters

Where there is sufficient air movement, our direct fired oil heaters represent a safe and effective solution to low ambient temperatures

Fuel Tanks

Our extensive range of fuel tanks has been designed to allow our heaters, boilers and pumps to operate uninterrupted for long periods