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Our reliable and unique service allows us to guarantee the delivery of equipment to your site within four hours of receiving your instructions. We recognise the tight time constraints that exist within the construction industry and pledge to act quickly to whatever problem you encounter. Our site engineers are experienced in working on construction sites, they carry the necessary PPE equipment and many have CSCS cards. For large projects we offer a full method statement and risk assessment to meet the necessary health and safety requirements. We will help you counteract bad weather and adhere to project deadlines without incurring added costs or a damaged reputation.

Unexpected temperature drops often require an immediate reaction - particularly in the construction sector where continued operation and safety is imperative. We will provide an urgent solution should a breakdown occur and also assist you in measuring the temperature and humidity on site for long term installations. At Andrews Heat for Hire, we have the UK’s broadest range of adaptable, high performance units suitable for multi-storey buildings or solitary rooms.

We regularly work with building contractors and construction firms, producing and installing heating hire packages according to their individual specifications. Our impressive track record in accommodating virtually any kind of scenario is substantiated by frequent repeat business from clients who trust us. With a network of 30 depots nationwide, we will have your equipment on site and functioning almost instantly.

Wet or damp conditions on a major building project or a small-scale job can have severe repercussions if the problem isn’t countered effectively. Our multi-purpose heaters and dryers can be employed in many scenarios - from drying buildings following flood damage or wet trades to concrete curing or heating an area containing delicate materials. We understand the importance of keeping a site warm and dry to facilitate continued work on a project, and thus allowing it to be completed on time.

Our range of hire equipment spans small, compact units and extends to high capacity industrial models capable of heating even the largest of areas. We also stock a wide range of portable dehumidifiers which will help your site overcome moisture and humidity problems. Regularly used within the construction industry, our units will help speed up the drying process and allow work to continue as normal.

We have years of experience working with the UK’s leading construction companies nationwide, we also work closely with local building contractors on the smallest of projects, helping to maintain or restore a practical environment. Time lost on projects due to damp surfaces or flood damage costs money, so we understand the importance of reducing this risk. We are confident that our selection of electric and indirect oil-fired heaters cover all conceivable problems, and are here to help should they arise.

During winter, cold snaps often bring on unwanted ice and frost which can prove problematical if not dealt with quickly. Implications of this can vary from frost damage to newly laid concrete or plaster, freezing pipework, difficulty achieving the required conditions for wet trades or simply making the surroundings more dangerous for builders and workmen.

At Andrews Sykes, we specialise in the instant hire of temporary heaters, allowing your business to continue functioning efficiently. Our competitors cannot match our wide fleet of commercial heating units, nor our pledge to deliver reliable heat for hire 24 hours a day. If you are managing a building site or a construction business, we can help you.

Our units are available for sale or rental and stocked nationwide to ensure rapid delivery, regardless of your location. We offer free site surveys, where our expert engineers can advise on the best solution to your problem. We provide a cost-effective remedy and give continued support throughout a period of hire. For emergency response to a breakdown or routine maintenance assistance, call us on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form and one of our experts will be in touch.

Andrews Heat for Hire provides heating solution for leading construction company
Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by a leading construction company in search of an effective heating solution  that would help dry the floors and walls of a newly-built West Sussex college during the latter stages of the project. A local expert visited the site to conduct a free site survey before proposing a tailor made drying solution, consisting of an Aurora FH111 oil heater and all required lengths of ducting. It was felt this [...]
Andrews provide short-term heater hire for local school
A national construction company recently contacted Andrews Heat for Hire in search of a heater hire package that would raise temperatures inside a newly-built gym. The customer in question was in the finishing stages of a school sports hall construction project and required temporary heating to help speed up the drying of paint. The unit we provided would then remain on site to maintain temperatures inside so that the school’s opening sporting event could proceed as [...]
Andrews provide temporary heating to accelerate floor drying process
When the world’s largest genetic modification company was in the process of building a new office block, Andrews Heat for Hire was drafted in to provide equipment which could quickly raise the temperature on site. The contractor in charge of the project required a short-term heating solution to assist with laying floors which they were struggling to do due to low ambient temperatures. An Andrews heating specialist conducted a survey of the area within hours of [...]
Temporary heating required for major construction scheme
When a major construction company in Guildford required a temporary heating solution for a building project, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment to raise temperatures on site. A reliable and constant supply of heating was needed during the absence of a fixed system, to ensure all works could be completed and ensure the warehouse could be opened for use as soon as possible. An Andrews engineer conducted a survey of the [...]
Hotel chain undergo major refurbishment with help from Andrews heaters
When a world renowned hotel group were undergoing a refurbishment on the latest addition to their chain of hotels, Andrews were called in to provide the building with a temporary heating hire arrangement. The client required space heating to be distributed within the building, mainly to the stairwell, during the planned refurbishment works. Our experts surveyed the project, proposing a heater hire package that would fulfill the needs of a major client. Several ID 65 oil-fired [...]
Andrews Heat for Hire assist with major construction project
When a well-known construction company required heating for a building project, the contractor overseeing the construction scheme contacted us in search of an immediate heating hire solution. The client was overseeing a major housing build in Leith, Edinburgh, creating a combination of new houses and flats on an old postal sorting site. However, heavy rainfall and low temperatures meant that the progression of the four storey flats and houses were at risk of being delayed. After [...]
Luxury apartments kept warm by Andrews Heat for Hire
The delicate nature of any floor fitting process means that temperatures must be closely controlled to ensure proper drying of the flooring. So before a housing construction company could begin installing a floor arrangement, Andrews Heat for Hire was approached for a temporary heating package. A site survey allowed an Andrews technician to recommend a suitable solution to the client, that would prevent newly-laid floor panels from warping under the strain of fluctuating temperatures. Four DE190 [...]
Andrews dry concrete flooring at tarmac company warehouse
Before concrete can be laid during the winter period, a series of precautions must be taken to ensure the composition sets correctly. When outdoor temperatures are low, concrete naturally sets more slowly and can even stop completely if it gets colder than 5°C. In some cases contractors will alter the mixture constituents, but this may not always be feasible if the weather fluctuates too unpredictably. A large building materials company encountered this precise scenario at one [...]
Andrews Heat for Hire aid construction of new London school
Low ambient temperatures during the finishing stages of a building can cause problems for a contractor, while frost can damage delicate materials and a slow drying process may delay an overall project. Raising the temperature too quickly can also cause surface cracking as the materials shrink, meaning conditions must be closely controlled to prevent complications arising. The fit-out phase of a new school in London therefore required external assistance during the winter period, with Andrews Heat [...]
Andrews accelerate screed drying process for student accommodation
Before a floor surface can be applied to a newly developed building, it is common practice that screed is laid onto a concrete base. Typically made up of one part cement and three parts sand, this delicate composition must be dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next stage of a floor laying process. In order for this to happen at a recently constructed student complex, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted and asked to provide equipment [...]
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