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Seasonal temperature changes often demand an immediate reaction - particularly in an outdoor environment. We recognise the significance of upholding productivity during a cold snap, especially when food stock and crops are involved. At Andrews we possess the UK’s most expansive range of adaptable heaters for hire suitable for all types of fields and pastures.

We have worked with farmers nationwide and developed an appreciation of why heating is crucial for the wellbeing of livestock, crops and plants. Specific temperatures are needed to ensure healthy production, and often agriculturalists are competing with the elements which can hinder the overall process. We offer a comprehensive 24/7 service all year round with instant delivery guaranteed regardless of your location.

Our aim is to help keep farms fully functional throughout periods of adverse weather and ensure the optimum temperature is attained, whatever the task at hand. We offer competitive hire packages which negate the need for purchase, thus providing a cost-effective solution to your problem. Not only will we supply and install your unit, we also offer a thorough back up service throughout the duration of rental.

In order to accelerate crop drying processes, our portable heaters are often used to provide additional warm air or replace broken down heating systems. Air drying is obviously a lot more efficient when heaters are used to assist and this helps to speed up water removal by evaporation. By utilising a heating unit, the practise of drying is much quicker than if produce was allowed to dry naturally.

At Andrews Heat for Hire we aim to keep farms operating at full capacity and prevent any aspect of its running from dropping below normal output levels. Crop drying is one of the most energy- intensive procedures that occur in this environment, so we understand the importance of having a reliable and continued heat source. If your system breaks down unexpectedly and you need an urgent replacement, we can help.

With a network of 30 depots tactically located across the UK, we can quickly rectify your heating issues and get you back up and running. We offer free site surveys to ascertain the best solution to your situation, and our skilled engineers can advise you accordingly.

In the agriculture sector, more financial losses occur due to frost damage than any other weather-related hazard. As such, frost protection has become increasingly important as farms seek to maximise their harvest and guard against wastage. Andrews Heat for Hire specialise in providing temporary heating units across the sector. We recognise the importance of keeping crops and plants sufficiently warm to ensure as much of the yield as possible is retained.

Our extensive range of portable heaters for hire has been designed in conjunction with the industry’s highest standards. We guarantee to have equipment delivered to your site within hours of hearing from you, and have thousands of units currently in stock. We will even recommend which heater is most suitable for your particular state of affairs and formulate a solution which could save you money.

Whether you’re looking for a quick remedy to a breakdown or planning maintenance on your existing heater, we can direct you towards the best course of action. We vow to provide dependable, fume-free heaters for hire to any location and help your business operate at full capacity. Call us on 0800 211 611 to discuss your options, or alternatively complete an enquiry form and one of our experts will get back to you.

Bespoke heating hire helps UK’s largest supplier of potatoes preserve produce
In order to preserve potatoes while they’re in storage, it is vitally important that an effective climate control solution is put in place beforehand. So, when the UK’s largest supplier of potatoes contacted us in search of a heater hire package for their factory, our specialists were quickly on site to develop a solution. During [...]
Andrews Heat for Hire successfully protect wheat during harvest
Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by the operators of a 2000-acre farm in Shrewsbury, who were having difficulties drying their wheat naturally and so required a hired drying solution to minimise the likelihood of spoilage. During harvest season, UK farms are often affected by severe weather and wet conditions – with many farmers [...]
Farmer seeks heater arrangement to protect Christmas turkeys
Each year, approximately ten million turkeys are consumed in the UK during the festive period – underlining its everlasting popularity as a key ingredient of the traditional Christmas meal. But before these birds reach your dinner plates, or even the supermarket you buy them from, they are left to roost in closely-monitored barns ahead of [...]
Andrews Heat for Hire assist Middlesex florist
During the winter months, flowers and plants struggle to retain their stored heat when night falls and the sun disappears. As the temperature drops, moisture in the air condenses before freezing on unprotected surfaces. When this happens, plants become immediately susceptible to perishing and wilting, rendering them valueless to florists and similar businesses. So when [...]
Heating required for garden centre in Kent
A famous garden centre in Kent required immediate heating for their unique plants. Due to the cold snap they were in danger of losing very expensive plants. Andrews Heat for Hire solution was to offer a DE95 20 kW electric heater unit, complete with thermostat. The unit was delivered and as a result of the [...]
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