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Flood Damage Recovery, need help? Special Drying Hire Packages from Andrews

Our Special Offer dryer packages start from only £99.00 per week + VAT

When your property or building has suffered from flooding or water damage, you will want to start the restoration process quickly. Finding the best solution can be complicated and confusing for the inexperienced, however help is on hand as Andrews Dehumidification has developed three simple drying packages to help you recovery fast.

Our Special Hire Packages, have been designed by our Drying experts, they will help make sure your building is dried and ventilated quickly and efficiently. Each package includes one of our highly efficient portable building dryers, an electric heater and an air circulation fan. The dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air, whilst the heater and fan accelerates the process by circulating warm air throughout the damaged area.

Package one, is ideal for drying out an average sized living room area, whilst package two can be used for larger areas. Package three also includes a carpet dryer to help dry out carpets and flooring materials.

With extraction rates of up to 75 litres per day, you can be confident that your problem will be resolved quickly.

Call Andrews Sykes for the most efficient building Dryers available for hire at very competitive rates. We have huge stocks of Dehumidifiers, Fans and Heaters available for Hire wherever you are. Our Water Damage experts are on call 24 hours a day, don’t delay. Call us on 0800 211 611.

  • We offer competitive hire rates.
  • Same day delivery, from our 30 depots nationwide.
  • We have knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help day or night.
  • UK’s largest specialist hire company, with plenty of dryers ready for hire.
Flood Damage

Flood Package 1

Package one,is ideal for drying out an average sized living room area
  • -FD30 Dehumidifier
  • -DE25 240v 3kw heater
  • -ASF21 240v fan

£99.00 per week + VAT

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Flood Package 2

Package two can be used for longer areas.
  • -HD500 Dehumidifier
  • -DE25 240v 3kw heater
  • -ASF50 240v fan

£159.00 per week + VAT

spec sheets

Flood Package 3

Package three includes a carpet dryer to help dry out carpets and flooring materials
  • -HD500 Dehumidifier
  • -DE25 240v 3kw heater
  • -ASF50 240v fan
  • -Turbo carpet dryer 240v

£199.00 per week + VAT

spec sheets

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We have produced a series of videos outlining our product range, explaining how our equipment works and outlining the many scenarios in which our assistance might be required.

About Andrews Dehumidifier Hire

At Andrews Dehumidification, we have more expertise in providing tailored dehumidifier hire solutions than any other supplier. Our range of portable building dryers are suitable for a wide selection of environments and applications including flood damage and drying of materials. Portable and industrial dehumidifiers can be used for many applications including building and construction, offices, manufacturing, agriculture and domestic home drying. With two different types of solutions available - refrigerant and desiccant - we can provide a solution to suit any drying need.

How do dehumidifiers work?

When high moisture content and relative humidity threaten to affect your operation, a dehumidifier hire solution can prevent any lasting impact. To learn more about dehumidification, and the benefits it can have on preventing or enhancing a damp environment, watch the video above. From flood restoration to the storage of delicate materials, dehumidification can be used across a broad spectrum of scenarios to counteract high levels of relative humidity. http://www.andrews-sykes.com/dehumidifier-hire/

Andrews Dehumidification Launches Brand New FD40 Dryer!

Andrews Dehumidification, as part of the Andrews Sykes group have been leaders in dehumidification hire for over 40 years. Famous for the HD500 dehumidifier, a stalwart of the drying industry, their new product the Fast Dri FD40 is one of the latest product developments from Andrews. This innovative dryer represents dehumidification at its simplest. The FD40 is powerful, light, easy to manoeuvre and quiet in operation. It has a low power consumption and can measure the humidity in the room via the optional external humidistat, saving you money and energy costs. Its 110v or 240v dual voltage means it can run from a range of industrial, construction or domestic supplies. The GRP cover ensures it remains strong and reliable while there is also the option of an external condensate pump available. Find out more. http://www.andrews-sykes.com/dehumidifier/

Andrews Sykes 50th Anniversary – a narrative from John Andrews

After 50 years of successful enterprise under the Andrews brand, we take a brief look back at the company’s steady growth since its inception in 1964. Original founder John Andrews narrates his recollection of events preceding his retirement, referencing several key turning points which have led to us now being revered as one of the UK’s leading specialist hire companies.

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