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For fifty years, we have been designing and deploying cooling systems across a variety of industry sectors. When it comes to hotels, we know that our clients’ standing in their industry is based solely on customer experience, with ambience and temperature two variables which can directly influence this. In instances where hot weather threatens to affect your guests’ satisfaction, we act swiftly to neutralise excessively warm environments.

We have the country’s most complete range of chiller apparatus for hire, with fluid chillers, low temperature units and air handlers all available for immediate dispatch. All necessary ancillary equipment is also provided, meaning we are capable of overcoming issues of any type or scale. Unlike most of our competitors, we will respond to your enquiry within four hours - affording our customers peace of mind and excellent technical support throughout the hire period.

Before we commission the installation of any cooling units, our engineers will conduct a detailed assessment of your premises. This free of charge service, which is undertaken at a time convenient to you, allows us to ascertain the best solution for your requirements by examining the building first-hand. We aim to supply our clients with cost-effective packages while strictly adhering to any budget restrictions.

When a hotel’s air conditioning fails, guests are left vulnerable to hot temperatures if a replacement is not provided. During summer periods especially, a deficient or broken cooling system could potentially tarnish people’s holidays or breaks, which could damage a hotels reputation. To ensure this eventuality is avoided, we act quickly to deliver and install an alternative in the form of high capacity chiller units or similar cooling equipment.

Our specialist technicians are adept at helping customers overcome emergencies, offering technical support and recommending appropriate solutions. We recognise that in your industry, it is vital that your clients are content with the service they receive. Climate control is often taken for granted but when this is lacking or ineffectual, it is very noticeable. We can help you prepare for any cooling emergency or planned maintenance issues that occur.

With an unrivalled depth of experience, our engineers are always on hand to guarantee your building remains at a desired temperature. As the UK’s leading supplier of temporary chiller hire, you can trust us to provide immediate assistance when your existing systems or air handlers fail. Our ability to design and implement affordable yet effective cooling packages at short notice makes us the natural choice when a substitute is needed.

In places where large groups of people congregate - like conferences - reliable cooling must be in place at all times to preserve the comfort of participants and visitors. At Andrews, we understand that demand for cooling equipment increase during the summer months particularly, which is why we ensure we always have sufficient stock to cope with seasonal requirements. Our friendly and cooperative staff will work alongside you in order to satisfy the exact conditions initially outlined.

By constantly investing in equipment, we rightfully lay claim to the most sophisticated and up-to-date chiller units on the market. This allows us to provide equipment specifically manufactured for conferences and similar applications, so those involved will never feel too hot in your premises. Our solutions are tailored with your specifications in mind, and can be altered further down the line if necessary.

We will even assess your premises prior to installation, giving all parties an improved perception of how breakdown can be avoided in the future. Our primary aim is to provide clients with cost-effective chiller systems which effectively counteract hot weather and internal temperatures. For more information about our services, or for a preliminary price estimate on an impending assignment, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Andrews Chillers restore hotel cooling
If a hotel’s air conditioning fails, it is absolutely imperative that an alternative cooling arrangement is sourced to guarantee the comfort of your guests. Failure to provide this often overlooked amenity can tarnish a visitor’s experience and in turn, affect your reputation within what is now an extremely competitive industry. A luxurious London hotel undergoing [...]
Replacement air conditioning required after hotel suffers chiller failure
At Andrews Chiller Hire, we acknowledge the weight of importance your guests place on hotels providing efficient climate control when required. Failure to maintain your cooling system can lead to untimely breakdowns and in turn, severely affect the reputation of your business. So when a highly regarded guesthouse in the Docklands area suffered chiller failure, [...]
Lavish hotel kept cool during summer
With temperatures for much of June far warmer than they have been in previous years, there has been a prevalent need for more temporary cooling as our clients strive to keep staff and guests cool. And this was certainly true of a highly-regarded guesthouse located in south central England, with the entire premises booked by [...]
Modern & efficient energy centre tested by Andrews Sykes
A holiday company specialising in short break UK holidays are building their most sustainable holiday village yet. Nestled in ancient woodland in Bedfordshire, the village will be 25% more efficient than any other. To achieve this, the company needed to ensure that the heating system was highly efficient with a reduced carbon footprint. An energy [...]
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