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At Andrews Chiller Hire, we understand that the production of medicine, compounds and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry is reliant on efficient process cooling. Our knowledge of chiller equipment and the strict requirements of your sector make us the ideal choice to provide appropriate climate control solutions. With the UK’s biggest choice of fluid cooling units available for hire and depots located nationwide, no-one is better placed than us to assist.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

Pharmaceuticals and similar process industries rely on low temperatures in order to manufacture and store pills, capsules and other prescription medicines. We are perfectly positioned to deliver the latest cooling equipment ensuring outdated or inefficient systems do not impact on your output levels. Our chiller units will bring interior temperatures down to as low as -15⁰C, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. With a range of ancillaries including heat exchangers, pump sets and temporary pipe work, we can offer bespoke cooling packages for the most challenging of applications.

Our engineers have years of experience providing emergency assistance and planned maintenance to clients throughout the UK. We offer a genuine 24/7 service so if an unexpected breakdown leaves you facing downtime, assistance is always on hand. Our temporary chiller solutions will help you uphold productivity while maintenance is carried out or a permanent replacement is installed. As Europe’s leading hire specialists for temperature control equipment, you can always rely on us to have sufficient stock – even when seasonal demand peaks.

Before we install our chillers on your site, a technician will survey your premises and devise a strategic plan where all relevant factors are scrutinised and considered. This enables us to determine the best course of action for your situation, and also allows for future adaptions to your cooling system should circumstances later dictate. By assessing your building first hand, we guarantee a cost-effective yet efficient system which will ultimately save you money.


Pharmaceutical products are incredibly susceptible to temperature, which is why they must be stored in a cool structured environment. Excessive warmth will directly affect both the condition and integrity of tablets and capsules, and therefore chilled storage is imperative. The safest and most effective way of retaining delicate items is by ensuring suitable cooling equipment is deployed within the storage area itself.

We can enhance your stockroom by designing specific cooling packages in line with your process’ requirements. Our extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry provides us with an excellent knowledge to propose temporary cooling equipment with virtually every conceivable application in mind. As well as delivering and commissioning our chiller units, we also provide our customers with comprehensive support throughout hire.

Stringent guidelines drawn up by the Medicines and Healthcare Produces Regulation Agency must always be adhered to, in order to guarantee safe practice at all times. With three different low temperature chillers available for immediate rental, we guarantee to have a cost-effective solution to all your cooling needs. We pride ourselves on supplying energy efficient units at short notice minimising disruption and production to our clients’ operations.


Our extensive range of fluid chillers has been designed with the precise demands of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. Temperature sensitive vaccines, medicines and specimens necessitate development in cool environments in order to be safely conserved throughout the entire process. We understand that different procedures need different conditions, which is why our units have precise control settings and features.

Tablet production lines, for example, function a lot more smoothly when a factory’s interior is sufficiently cool. This facilitates maximum productivity and plays a fundamental part in achieving the desired quality and consistency in formulas. The importance of maintaining high standards in this field cannot be understated, particularly when prescriptions of the unwell and ailing could be influenced by unfavourable conditions.

We endeavour to provide our customers with simple yet effective climate control equipment to ensure your project continues unhindered. For instant delivery of safe, reliable chillers – regardless of your location – call us now on 0800 211 611. Our specialist consultants will direct you towards a cost-effective solution which suits your business and manufacturing process. With depots nationwide we are perfectly positioned to supply the cooling package to overcome all your cooling requirements.

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Our range


Ranging from 30kW to 750kW, these chillers feature the latest technology including airtight and rotating compressors, reducing energy costs

Low Temperature Chillers

Our low temperature chiller units are capable of reducing fluid temperatures to as low as -15°C for a multitude of applications

Fast Chill Range

Andrews Fast Chill units have been specifically designed with large volume space cooling in mind and can reach as low as -15°C once installed

Air Handlers

All Andrews air handlers can run on chilled or hot water, delivering effective climate control to customers where and when required

Heat Exchangers

Ideal for cooling a multitude of liquids, our range of heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat and greatly increase the speed of temperature change

Heat Pump Chillers

These chillers have been designed to produce both cooling and heating in a single packaged unit, using the latest refrigerants and heat pump technology