Chiller Hire

Facilities Management

At Andrews, we understand the constantly changing needs of facilities managers, which is why we pledge to work alongside you to satisfy clients’ demands. With more than fifty years’ experience providing innovative solutions and the latest cooling equipment, we are the number one supplier of air cooled chillers to your sector. We have the UK’s largest range of temporary fluid chiller units available for immediate hire, and guarantee energy efficient reliable climate control solutions to meet all your requirements.

Our FM Service

As the nation’s most established specialist hire company, we are extremely well-practiced in assisting clients with planned and emergency cooling requirements. By having unrivalled expertise in working alongside facilities managers, we are able to not only supply your customers with cooling systems, but also manage them on their behalf. This allows us to communicate directly on all related matters, ensuring we provide an efficient service as well as equipment.

We understand that effective climate control is a fundamental part of your overall responsibilities, which is why we act quicker than any of our competitors to appease demand. With a full range of equipment to rent – including fluid chillers, temporary pump sets, air handlers and fan coils – you can be confident we will meet your every requirement under the strictest time constraints.

Our dedicated technicians will conduct a no obligation survey of your client’s premises, ensuring we identify the cooling package most appropriate for the application. This helps us swiftly deliver cost estimates, as well as providing risk assessment and method statements – thus keeping you notified during every step of the process. With a comprehensive network of depots located nationwide, you can always rely on us to provide same-day delivery and installation.

Contingency Planning

Risk management and preparing for unexpected circumstances is a vital procedure that must be carried out, in order to highlight potential consequences. Pre-planning the availability of space, determining electric supply connections and calculating cooling capacities are all necessary considerations to make before deploying our equipment. These factors can all have a significant impact on the installation and effectiveness of temporary chiller units, with downtime having a major impact on productivity and potential contract penalties.

We understand the importance of having robust chiller units across a spectrum of environments, whether these are hot server rooms, operating theatres or offices. Failed cooling systems can jeopardise your customer’s business, employees or machinery, particularly where temperature-dependent applications are concerned. That’s why we endeavour to identify potential hazards early and stop productivity being affected further down the line.

Our primary aim on every project is to guarantee the output of both commercial and industrial companies remains at optimum level. Obviously, summer represents the biggest challenge to facilities managers, with chillers constantly in demand yet often difficult to obtain. At Andrews, we always have sufficient stock to accommodate nationwide requirements, ensuring your client’s operations can continue uninterrupted.

Planned Maintenance

Prearranged upkeep of cooling equipment helps preserve its condition and guard against damaging system failure. By investing sensibly in maintenance, you greatly reduce the likelihood of your clients suffering a loss of business following untimely breakdowns. Regular checks and adjustments on our chillers ensure we are quickly aware of mechanical attrition which, if not addressed instantly, can greatly reduce efficiency.

Current refrigeration legislation also stipulates that regular leak testing must be carried out in order to ensure the continued safety of our products. There are numerous benefits of planned maintenance, with reduced running costs, increased equipment longevity and less carbon emissions – underlining the overall importance of conducting regular examinations.

Our market-leading energy efficient temporary chiller units produce large volumes of chilled water and cold air for premises of all sizes and dimensions. We understand the financial implications of downtime, so act instantly to ensure this outcome is avoided. Our expert consultants are available for technical support 24 hours a day, ensuring there is always someone on hand to guide you towards a cost-effective cooling package. If you have a query or seek a quote for an imminent project, call us on 0800 211 611 or complete an enquiry form and one of our contact team will get back to you.

Case studies

Our range


Ranging from 30kW to 750kW, these chillers feature the latest technology including airtight and rotating compressors, reducing energy costs

Low Temperature Chillers

Our low temperature chiller units are capable of reducing fluid temperatures to as low as -15°C for a multitude of applications

Fast Chill Range

Andrews Fast Chill units have been specifically designed with large volume space cooling in mind and can reach as low as -15°C once installed

Air Handlers

All Andrews air handlers can run on chilled or hot water, delivering effective climate control to customers where and when required

Heat Exchangers

Ideal for cooling a multitude of liquids, our range of heat exchangers facilitate the transfer of heat and greatly increase the speed of temperature change

Heat Pump Chillers

These chillers have been designed to produce both cooling and heating in a single packaged unit, using the latest refrigerants and heat pump technology