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At Andrews, we have an impeccable record supplying cooling and heating equipment at short notice to clients in the event sector. Our comprehensive chiller hire packages are adapted to your individual requirements, ensuring cost-effective, dependable remedies to temperatures during the summer or winter. We also provide a large range of air handlers and ancillary equipment to supplement our chiller units and ensure continuity as a provider of temporary equipment, guaranteeing you are covered for every conceivable scenario.

With guests’ enjoyment of paramount importance where events and exhibitions are concerned, we endeavour to always install the most appropriate cooling or heating system available. By doing this, we help customers keep their costs at affordable levels while overcoming the problems hot or cold weather can pose. A no obligation survey of your premises, conducted by our specialist engineers, helps us understand your independent needs and then adapt a solution accordingly.

Our staff are dedicated industry professionals with the experience and knowledge to guide clients towards choosing the right heat pump chiller units. We don’t just provide you with equipment - we use our acquired expertise to identify and implement temperature control techniques. As the UK’s largest specialist hire company you can rely on us to provide round-the-clock technical support while renting our apparatus. Our extensive network of depots situated across the country allows us to promise same-day delivery regardless of your location.

We understand that by holding an outdoor event you have to consider a number of logistical factors, in order to facilitate its smooth running. The provision of effective cooling and heating is an essential amenity which normally requires advanced preparation and coordinating. An uncomfortable environment for visitors can greatly affect their enjoyment and therefore the overall success of your event.

In many cases, there is a lack of power on site - something which is often taken for granted. Events taking place in fields or woodland, for example, require an alternative supply so that temperature control equipment can operate effectively. Before we install our temperature control systems, we undertake a thorough planning phase which focuses on the demands of our clients and how these may change as time passes.

There are also scenarios where preliminary assessments aren’t possible, like when emergencies arise. A sudden surge in temperature can threaten to jeopardise your event, which is why we assure customers of short notice delivery. By responding to demands immediately we have established a reputation as the UK’s most reliable hire contractor. Whether you seek advice about an imminent project or instant reaction to deficient chiller units, we can help.

Running a successful exhibition or trade show can be very demanding - particularly when natural conditions aren’t favourable to having hundreds of guests within a confined space. In large halls or galleries, air conditioning units will not be effective enough in countering extreme heat or cold. With visitor experience a priority at all times, spikes in temperatures need to be nullified. Our powerful, compact heat pump chillers for hire denote an ideal alternative to more conventional cooling and heating systems.

Similarly, conferences generally attract large crowds of people whose productivity and concentration levels are crucial to the companies they work for. In a hot, stuffy environment, their attentiveness will be susceptible to dropping which is unconstructive for all parties involved. We have more experience than any of our competitors in providing cooling equipment during spells of soaring temperatures. Our products are fully-tested prior to dispatch and constantly monitored by our technicians, meaning any necessary adjustments can be made quickly.

If your facility requires urgent cooling or heating when looking ahead to the upcoming months, then we are extremely well-placed to provide assistance. With adequate stock at all times of the year, you can always depend on us to deliver the right equipment - even during cycles of peak demand. For more information about our service or a preliminary hire quote, call us on 0800 211 611. Our expert consultants will guide you towards a viable solution, ensuring the optimum conditions within your building are restored and maintained.

Andrews Chiller Hire provides prestigious Sheffield theatre with emergency cooling arrangement
When a large theatre in Sheffield was in search of an effective cooling solution to replace their chiller after it suffered an unexpected failure, our specialists were quickly on the scene to provide an effective chiller replacement. The client in question were in their busiest month of business, with a number of sold-out shows scheduled [...]
Lavish hotel kept cool during summer
With temperatures for much of June far warmer than they have been in previous years, there has been a prevalent need for more temporary cooling as our clients strive to keep staff and guests cool. And this was certainly true of a highly-regarded guesthouse located in south central England, with the entire premises booked by [...]
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