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As the UK’s largest supplier of temporary cooling equipment, Andrews Chillers has unrivalled experience in recommending units to customers immersed in the agricultural sector. In recent years we have delivered and installed bespoke cooling packages for a number of different applications, underlining our ability to cater for all requirements. Whether you need chiller hire for milk production, poultry storage or any other related process, we can design and implement complete packages at short notice.

Unlike other purveyors of specialist equipment, we endeavour to respond to enquiries within four hours of receiving them. This means that when emergency breakdown or a similar unforeseen event threatens to hinder your continued operation, we act quickly to avoid this scenario. By recognising the direct implications of inefficient cooling or equipment failure, we move swiftly to reduce the risk of lost output or rising costs.

Our expansive depot network covers the entire country, ensuring we always have technicians on call regardless of your location. In order to accurately gauge the best solution for your particular environment, an Andrews engineer will conduct a free site survey to assess both its current and future use. Any system we deploy can be adapted to suit a change in circumstances, so if your business goes through a transitional stage, our chiller arrangements can be modified to suit this.

On farms and areas of plantation, the storage of delicate produce can be severely affected if not kept at the necessary temperature. Potatoes, for example, are particularly susceptible to warm environments, so chillers are often used to help preserve the quality of a yield. Refrigeration helps keep potatoes edible for a longer period of time, enabling them to stay fresh and saleable while preventing the development of mould.

During the winter months in particular, a demand for turkeys stipulates that barns, outhouses and other idle properties are converted into areas for temporary storage. These are then supplied with high capacity chiller units, ensuring internal conditions are akin to those of a large fridge. This chilled atmosphere therefore helps keep meat fresh while negating the need to find an alternative - and probably more expensive - storage space.

We have also worked closely with some of the UK’s most prominent chocolatiers, helping them to sustain the quality of products while they are being stowed. If subjected to temperatures in excess of 80°F, chocolate “blooms”, essentially causing the cocoa butter to crystallise and leave white streaks on the surface. Keeping sensitive foodstuffs like chocolate below 20°C helps guard against this happening and upholds its quality before being distributed to retail outlets.

Like all perishable crops and food stock, certain drinks are badly affected if left exposed to warm temperatures. Pasteurisation is a process in which milk is heated then quickly cooled prior to being bottled - thus enabling it to remain fresh for a longer period of time, while also killing harmful micro-organisms. This is widely used in the drinks industry and dependent on functional chiller units, ensuring the required cold temperatures can be achieved.

Our chillers are even capable of assisting with specialist processes such as pea fluming - an agricultural practise in which re-circulated water helps keep peas fresh. Once picked, they must be cleaned and transported via a cold flotation washer in order to retain their fresh flavour. This simple yet effective procedure maintains the taste of the peas and can also be applied to other fruit and vegetables.

If you aren’t able to ascertain the best course of action for your business or production facility, our experienced technicians will guide you towards an appropriate chiller package. With direct involvement in food storage and manufacturing assignments, they have the necessary level of expertise to handle all projects of this kind. For more information on our products and services, and how you can benefit from them, call us now on 0800 211 611.

Tailored chiller hire preserves fruit for UK’s largest farming and dairy company
When rising summer temperatures left one of the UK’s largest farming and dairy companies exposed to the risk of losing all of their fruit produce, Andrews Chiller Hire were contacted and asked to resolve the issue immediately. A local Andrews technician visited the premises to conduct a site survey and recommended an appropriate chiller hire [...]
Chilled Storage For Potatoes
In the agriculture sector, keeping crops and other produce at the right temperature is vitally important for its longevity, condition and edibility. Failure to do this can lead to an increased rate of deterioration and cause storage losses, ultimately costing farmers money. Spoilage is generally caused by the growth of mould or insect activity, and [...]
Dairy Show Requires Cooling
Every year, a nationally-renowned dairy farm in Warwickshire hosts a cattle show which is visited by hundreds of people from across the country. The event is hosted by an independent body dedicated to representing the general interests of British dairy farmers and is regarded by associates of the industry as a great opportunity to discuss [...]
Dairy Production Seeks Cooling Equipment
When an award-winning dairy company based in Leicestershire sought cooling equipment for its production area, they approached Andrews in search of a solution. Having recommended equipment for a wide range of food manufacturers in the past, we understood the needs of our client’s application and the implications of insufficient cooling. With regular involvement in delicate [...]
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