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As the country’s most reputable specialist hire company, we are known for supplying clients with replacement boilers to meet the growing demands of manufacturing businesses. Our primary objective is to address your current and future heating and hot water requirements, whether pre-planned or emergency. We recognise the importance of retaining high productivity within your industry, and the implications of this reducing, which is why we are committed to avoiding downtime wherever possible.

Whatever your boiler needs, Andrews can be relied upon to install a bespoke temporary boiler package on your premises without interrupting other aspects of your operations. With an expansive fleet of units ready to be dispatched anywhere in the UK, our technicians can connect and activate equipment within twenty four hours of being contacted. We can even manage your energy consumption and ensure you have adequate energy supplies throughout the duration of rent.

Our customers also benefit from no obligation site surveys, which allow our staff to decipher the most appropriate boiler for your application. These are conducted by industry experts with many years’ experience and guarantee you receive the right technical advice and subsequently, equipment. To arrange one at a time convenient to you, call us now on 0800 211 611 and one of our trained consultants will handle you enquiry.

In recent years, we have been heavily immersed in manufacturing and industrial projects nationwide, with hot water imperative for a number of related processes. This involvement has helped us understand that no two circumstances are ever the same - which is why we tailor solutions to your exact requirements. Our technicians know which units are suitable for each situation, so you can be confident of receiving an applicable system every single time.

All boiler innovations have been designed with your demanding environment in mind, and our high capacity models are reinforced with steel to prevent weathering and theft. We also stock an extensive range of accessories to compliment the boiler, including fuel tanks, heat exchangers and pipework. Programmable time clocks allow total control of hot water supplies, meaning that if demand rises, we still have the capacity to satisfy increased need.

We also offer clients a reliable 24 hour contingency amenity which runs alongside the period of hire. This service affords our customers peace of mind and protects you against any unexpected issues - with support on hand at all times of the day. With flexible, long or short-term arrangements available on your terms, we provide complete turnkey packages at very competitive rates.

Manufactured products and other artificially-created items can be greatly affected if stored in cold warehouses or similar unfavourable areas. Electrics, for example, are permanently damaged if held in damp or wet conditions, so effective heating is required to ensure products of this nature remain workable prior to distribution. In this instance, a temporary boiler connected to our large volume air handling units would represent a practical solution and help maintain temperatures at a desired level.

We have unparalleled experience and an excellent knowledge of the manufacturing industry, and the obligations of businesses that operate within it. This awareness has helped us develop boiler systems for small-scale storerooms to fully-fledged warehouses, and also give customers unconditional support throughout the hire’s entirety.

For more information on how we can assist your process or to arrange for a technician to conduct a site survey, call us now on 0800 211 611. Support personnel are on hand round-the-clock to handle enquiries and offer advice over the phone. All boilers stored in our depots are regularly serviced and maintained. We will help you confront emergencies which threaten to halt your process but also oversee necessary maintainance work - keeping your business functional at all times.

Andrews provide temporary boiler during refinery shutdown
As a multipurpose raw material used in a number of industrial applications, hydrochloric acid is a valuable commodity possessing extremely low impurity content. From pickling steel and regulating pH level to neutralising water and regenerating ion exchangers, this compound is able to assist a broad range of processes – particularly in a petrochemical environment. The [...]
Specialist manufacturer kept functional during annual shutdown
More and more manufacturers temporarily decommission their sites in order to make cost savings or changes to their applications. Some of these plants never open again, but others – like in the case of a Glamorgan-based customer – remain fully operational during a short mothballing period. The facility in question was heated by steam but [...]
Brewery kept operational after heat exchanger failure
Breweries and other beverage manufacturers are dependent on working boilers generating steam, because of its efficiency in carrying large quantities of heat. So when the supply is affected, or even cut off completely, an alternative is normally urgently required to ensure output targets are met as per the norm. One of our clients in the [...]
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