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As the UK’s leading contractor of boiler systems and accessories to a number of different industries, we have the expertise and stock available to effectively oversee projects of any scale or type. With thirty depots strategically located nationwide, we can offer customers an exceptional level of coverage - even during emergencies. Our technicians and consultant staff are on hand 24 hours a day, so you can rely on us to deliver the round-the-clock service your clients expect.

Unlike our competitors, we respond to initial contact within a four hour time window - ensuring urgent requirements are accommodated swiftly. We also offer free site surveys, which help our engineers assess your needs and subsequently propose an appropriate solution in line with your budget. Before installing our equipment, we analyse the current and future demands of your application so that if they are subject to change, modifications to the equipment can also be made.

When heating or hot water supplies falter or break down, we react fast to restore buildings to their normal conditions. We acknowledge the importance of business continuity and the implications of disruption, which is why we promise swift action when breakdown or failure occurs. By offering the most energy efficient advanced boilers on the market, facilities managers have the peace of mind and faith in us to rent our boilers on a repeat basis.

For facilities managers, it is imperative that the buildings you are responsible for are sufficiently warm all year round. We appreciate the importance of keeping your staff or customers comfortable and content while on your site, with unfavourable environments reflecting badly on your organisation. Fully-functional heating systems are a vital yet often overlooked part of working premises and similar surroundings, so when boiler breakdown occurs, we act quickly to get you back up and running.

Our primary aim is to ensure your clients’ businesses remain operational at all times, which in some cases can hinge on the supply of heating and hot water. Cold areas can, by law, lead to employees, students or other occupants walking out as legal regulations stipulate that room temperatures must be above a certain threshold. Failure to comply with these guidelines can effectively bring productivity to a standstill - depending on the type of process concerned.

Having worked alongside a number of companies in your sector in recent years, we are experienced in consulting with clients before delivering the right boiler solutions. Our engineers take your unique requirements into account, thus guaranteeing we provide a package specifically designed with your application in mind.

As well as central heating systems, facilities management firms are also held accountable for hot water systems - but when boilers fail, we have the resources to offer a substitute on the same day of contact. Whether your customers are based in the healthcare, education or retail industry, we specialise in delivering short or long term solutions without disrupting people on site. Our sector experienced engineers are able to work within tight deadlines and implement whole packages, enabling day to day practices to continue as normal.

During the winter months, fixed boiler units become susceptible to a reduction in efficiency or even total collapse if upkeep isn’t frequently carried out. When this occurs, we can provide alternative equipment to bypass an existing unit while repair is underway. Our market-leading selection of energy-efficient components guarantees a safe supply of both heating and hot water for modest sized buildings or multi-storey complexes.

For an instant response to boiler breakdown or for expert advice on preventing problems in the future, call us now on 0800 211 611. Our professional contact team are familiar with every conceivable issue you might encounter and can direct you accordingly after a couple of minutes liaising.

Submarine Base Heating

A major facilities management provider needed a heating source in new build six-storey blocks at a nuclear submarine base - the under-floor infrastructure was installed but not yet commissioned. An Andrews mobile boiler provided a 500kW duty on hot water only, while an absolute maximum temperature of 50°C was required to prevent damage to pipes buried under the floor screed. This solution allowed lower temperatures to be set on the outgoing supply from integral heat exchangers, while providing excellent working conditions for construction staff and providing ideal temperatures for adhesive drying and material fixing.

Oil Rig

A facilities services firm needed temporary boiler plant to be used offshore on an oil rig, to ensure it could continue operating. Andrews delivered a packaged 540kW heating-only mobile boiler to the coast with bunded fuel tank and eight wire armour hoses, while the facilities provider organised a lifting certificate (BS7072) to allow it to be sent to the rig. Andrews also arranged a Specialist Hire Engineer to go onsite and instruct personnel in the safe installation and operation of the unit

  • 30 Locations

    30 Locations

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    Major Account Management

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    24 Hour Service

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